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Something NEW (to me) in Harry Potter?

I’ve been re-listening to Harry Potter in preparation for our trip to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. I’ve read all of the books several times (some more than others) and have listened to the audiobooks at least 5-10 times (depending on the book) in the last 10’ish years.  Since Goblet of Fire is my favorite, it’s the one I’ve read and listened too the most.

So! Consider my surpise when I noticed SOMETHING NEW this time through! When I first started listening to the books, I often picked up new bits I’d missed reading the books. But I  have not heard ANYTHING “new” in years.

Until last night! Harry, Ron and Hermione are walking the grounds before the second task when the see Viktor Krum diving into the lake from the Durmstrang ship! This was after the Yule Ball so Ron expressed a little bit of joy at the idea of the giant squid getting him, and Hermione commented that he probably thinks the lake is warm since where he comes from it’s so cold.

But I never remembered them seeing him do that! Are we to assume he was practicing his plan for the second task? Or was he just swimming for the hell of it? And how am I still finding “new” stuff in these books after reading and listening to them SO MANY TIMES!


ACK. I wrote this post several days ago to save for a day I didn’t have any thing to say. And then guess what happened today? (Friday!) I heard ANOTHER “new” part in Book V!

Kingsley and Mr. Weasley are faking a business like conversation before Harry’s trial at the beginning of the book. Kingsley says to Mr. Weasley, “…the delay on that firelegs report held up our investigation for about a month.” To which Mr. Weasley says, “If you had read my report, you would know the term is firearms.”


Now, I haven’t read book 5 that much because I really don’t like the Dumbledore/Harry issues in the book, so discovering new things in this one is not as exciting as book 4, but still. I’ve probably read/listened to it at least 5 times all the way through!


3 thoughts on “Something NEW (to me) in Harry Potter?”

  1. I pointed out on Twitter the other day I was re-reading Book 4 around the same time as you. And it’s funny because I had just read the part about Krum diving into the lake – but until I read your entry it didn’t occur to me he could be practicing for the next task!! I love those little lightbulb moments. I know the firelegs/firearms one though because it makes me giggle every time. I love the Weasleys. Every last blessed one of ’em.

  2. I loved your new details from the story! How fun for you. I have never read the books but I have listened to them multiple times. I love them too!

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