How Crazy Can Kim Get?

I just need to chronicle my nights over the last 2 weeks as some sort of document of how insane my life gets. Of the last 14 nights I’ve had 3 nights of shortened/restless sleep due to travel, 4 nights interrupted due to Wesley’s resurgence of foot cramps, (It’s because I’d been telling people they were getting better. I CURSED MYSELF.) 2 nights of weird stomach cramp issues from Wesley that I’m now blaming on Fritos. One of those nights was gave me about 3 hours of very, VERY interrupted sleep. And then last night…the pinnacle of it all…I was sleeping with Nikki and I woked up to her – wait for it…


Yes. ON me. That is a horrible way to wake up, I was frenzied but unconscious and having trouble processing what was going on. It was basically me scrambling around saying, “Nikki! Wait! Nikki! What? Nikki! Ack!” Until I finally just carried her to the bathroom during a lull and put her in front of the toilet.

I cleaned  all 40 million puke-soaked blankets (damn winter) off the bed and cleaned myself up.  We decided to sleep in the bathroom because she was worried she’d not realize she was puking again. Even sleeping in FRONT OF THE TOILET, she still missed and puked on the floor the next go around.  Therefore, I woke up every time she moved, trying to make sure she made it to the toilet.

You know, because sleeping on the floor of the bathroom would otherwise be SO PEACEFUL without the waking up when you hear your child move.

She also became weirdly chatty. While she was puking she was miserable, but then she was Miss Personality.

Finally, at 3:30am, my normal wake-up time, I gave up trying to sleep and came down to work. Wes was already sleeping in my office, which I can’t explain. He’s been sleeping in there in the mornings while I work, I have no idea why he slept in there all night. I set Nikki up in there too so I could start my day and (hopefully) get some actual work in between pukes and before it (hopefully not) hits me.

I’m constantly hearing people say, “Oh…I only get/need 5-6 hours of sleep a night.” And I always feel like a big giant wus when I say, “Oh, that’s insane. I need 8 hours and I do everything in my power to get it. I can’t help getting up at 3:30am so I try to be in bed by 8pm as many nights a I can.”

I feel like it’s me admitting I’m still a child while the rest of the world has grown up.

But, y’all. I AM STILL A CHILD. I need my sleep! I become and emotional basketcase when I’m over-tired. And these last two weeks have not helped which is why I’m eating non-stop and sobbing over DisneySide videos with shadow-dancing Mickey Mouse!

(You cried too, didn’t you?)

So. Another day with minimal sleep. I’ll try my best to keep my emotional extremes to commercials for maxipads (Like a Girl gets me EVERY. DAMN. TIME.) and to cute videos of Red Pandas playing in the snow. And pray no one cuts me off at an intersection or honks at me for not turning when it was clear. I may just park on the shoulder of the road and cry for hours if that happens.

Or, I could always get the Crazy Giggles. That happens too when I’m overtired. And let me tell you, Crazy Giggles is just as scary to an outsider as Constant Sobbing.

Wish me luck! Here’s to emotional stability even without proper sleep!

9 thoughts on “How Crazy Can Kim Get?”

  1. I’m sorry you and the kids are having such a hard time! I need more sleep and get crazy when I don’t get it too. My Crazy Giggles are always over something completely inappropriate. That’s fun.
    I meant to comment the other day on your Lent post. You mentioned Wes having a reaction to Fritos there and asked about corn chip allergies. I don’t know about an allergy to corn chips but you can be allergic to corn. And allergies can manifest in weird ways. My son throws up for hours when he has even the tiniest bit of dairy, then his skin reacts after the dairy gets in his system more. So maybe those corn chips are causing the issues Wes is having, or it could be some ingredient in the chips.
    I hope Nikki feels better soon!

  2. I feel for you.

    I need sleep. If not I’m not nice to be around. My husband has learned this and works to accommodate me as best as possible. What makes the sleep even more important I ended up getting bells palsy in September. Recovery went fine but I get tired my face begins to droop. so, it is a constant battle not to push myself to get things done and sleep. Nap if you can

  3. I feel you! I need my sleep too. If I do not get my required hours in at night I am a mess during the day and (sadly) often require a nap in order to function.

    Hope the pukies skip you and Nikki feels better soon.

  4. I guess I also am still a child. I need 8-9 a night to function at full power. 6-7 is doable for short periods of time. I’m really hoping you get some good sleep hours in soon. I know how I would be in your situation, all my good thoughts are with you.

  5. I need my sleep. At least 7 hours or I become a melodramatic diva. My husband is firmly in the 5-6 hours camp and just does not get how hard it is for me to function when low on sleep. Good luck today! And I hope Nikki feels better. Being a parent has definitely involved more getting puked on than I ever realized it would.

  6. Wow. I need at least 7, preferably 8 to function. If I were in your situation I would not be able to function at all by now. What if you make a deal with Donnie that the next 3 nights are his turn -come what may? Maybe even go have a sleepover at a friend/ family’s house so you can recover and the kids also know you’re out of service for the moment?
    You’re not helping anyone by being tired and the best example you can give your kids is to be happy!
    Hope everything gets better soon.

  7. I also am firmly in the need 8 camp, I can manage on 7, can do 6 one night a week. And then I sleep in on the weekends as much as possible – sometimes I only get an extra 30 minutes before needing to be up and moving for a kid’s game or practice, but if they don’t have anything until afternoon? I’m sleeping until 10! Even the dogs know not to bother me.
    I too get super emotional without sleep – I stayed up too late last night, and just before I headed to bed, I (stupidly!) watched a dog rescue video on FB and BAWLED. Like, Claire Danes ugly cried. Alone in my living room at 11pm.

  8. I have also slept in the bathroom with a child recently, so fist bump solidarity. Poor 4 year old was freaking out about puking in the toilet (that was new to her) at the beginning of the evening, by the next morning she was an old pro. And I also had the same bug, so by the morning I was just weakly patting her foot because I couldn’t move.
    Anyway, after a year of not sleeping with the youngest child, I started finally sleeping again and it is the best thing ever. But sometimes (like tonight) we will do something (in this case, friends over) and I will need to decompress for awhile after so we stay up late. The next day I wonder why in the world I did that because sleep is SO precious.

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