Brain. Fried. Need. Content. Ideas.

Most mornings I wake up with tons of content in my brain ready to dump on this blog. It’s not always well thought out or that ground breaking, but it’s words on the blog to start my day. As necessary as my coffee. (FYI: It’s 4:38am and I’m halfway through my third cup this morning.) But this morning my brain is all…


Part of it is due to the CRAZY week last week. When we weren’t traveling or sleeping somewhere other than our beds, we had nights interrupted with foot cramps (Which had faded for awhile) or stomach aches (Donnie thinks he might have let Wes eat too much Valentine’s Day candy) so there was not one normal or uninterrupted night of sleep all week. And I am a BIG FAT WUSS and need my sleep.

Hence the brain…


There are a few things I’ve been wanting to write about that are on my “Blog Ideas” pages, but they require a fully functional brain to recall the memories or topic points. The funny thing is, when my brain is fully functional, I have CURRENT ideas to write about and don’t want to do the “Remember when…” type of content. But on the days when I don’t have any current ideas like today, my brain can not recall all of the memories/points from the ideas on that page.

It’s the Blogger Catch-22.

Speaking of Catch-22, I actually read that book in high school. I didn’t read many of the assigned books, and managed to do fine just with discussing with classmates or getting Cliff’s Notes. Something about assigning a book always made me hate it. Catch-22 and The Count of Monte Cristo were the only two books I think I actually read. I also hated anything that seemed like real literature, which may be why the two books I read were not on the “classics” type of list. Y’all? I don’t think I actually read To Kill A Mockingbird which has made me feel very left out lately as it’s all anyone is talking about.

But I’ll be honest, my “To Read” list is long and I’m just not in the mood to put any classics on it. I still have a mental block against them, even if it makes me the dumb one in all conversations.

Speaking of weather…

(What? I’m just not even going to try to make this logical. I’m just writing as the words come. I’m basically in survival mode here.)

So, weather…we were forecasted snow today back on Friday and everyone got really excited but then as yesterday creeped on the weather models changed and now we’re only going to get rain. I had been preparing the kids since Friday for NO SNOW because I was worried that would happen, but they still got their little hopes up and last night, before we went to sleep, Nikki said, “I really hope there’s snow in the morning.” I said, “I’ve been telling you, it’s not going to happen, you’re going to be really disappointed.” She said, “I know! But I can’t help it! I’m a kid! We all want snow!”

True dat, yo.

And for those of you buried under too much snow in the Northeast? I’m really sorry I’m rubbing it in that we don’t have anything. If it makes you feel any better, I’m still cold from my run in 4 degree windchill yesterday. I could not warm up the entire rest of the day. It’s like my BONES were cold.

Okay. I’m stopping this entry now before it becomes the worst blog post in the history of the world. I’m just tired and my brain is fried. Here’s to something well thought out tomorrow.


5 thoughts on “Brain. Fried. Need. Content. Ideas.”

  1. I’m a librarian, and I hate classics. I haven’t read anything I’m supposed to have read. That said, I read TKAM a couple months ago for a book club and it was fantastic! Read it, you will enjoy. It is nothing like David Copperfield or Nathaniel Hawthorne. I went around explaining how good it was to people, as though I had just discovered it.

  2. “To Kill a Mockingbird” is my all-time favorite book. Try it.

    It was -11* when I woke up this morning (Connecticut). We have gotten over three feet of snow in the past month, and they’re predicting more for tomorrow! We have ice dams in our gutters and too much snow on our roof (we have a roof rake but live in a Colonial so it’s too high to reach all but the first two feet of the roof…).

    Spring is just around the corner!

  3. i know the type of books you like/dislike, and trust me…you will LOVE TKAM. promise!

    also? it’s supposed to be 63 here today…just like multiple others from the past few weeks. i don’t even know…??? but i’ll take it! 🙂


  4. The other hurdle though is the OTHER books I want to read which seem much more appealing. 🙂 Also – today’s entry is for you! Didn’t you ask me if I had ever posted my IMCHOO recap? I finally did! 🙂

  5. I like the idea of you suggesting it to a group of people, “Hey Guys…I just read this book…have you heard of it?” 🙂

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