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Another 50 Shades Public Service Announcement…Just In Time for the Movie.

I’m publishing 2 entries today so this one is NOT the “only” one showing up on my blog. I AM A PRUDE!

I do my kids a favor and leave one topic off-limits on this blog: SEX. I can write about boob sweat and crotch chaffing but not SEX. The way I see it if people want to see sex on the internet they can go to somewhere like www.nu-bay.com, not my blog. And I will continue to respect that so that I don’t embarrass them to the point of wishing for death. This is not a difficult topic to avoid because I’m pearl-grasping prude of the utmost order and have never thought if only I could talk about sex…. NO WAY! BRING ME MY SMELLING SALTS!

HOWEVER…it is time to remind you all of a video I shared out years ago that discusses how “50 Shades of Grey” is an awful example of good/safe/healthy BDSM, similar to some content on websites similar to porn7 (Clicking Here). Laci Green is wonderful but she is frank and her language is NOT safe for work. She explains why the book is not a good example or guidebook for BDSM and it’s something to keep in mind if you enjoy the books or the movie.

That said: I HAVE NOT READ THE BOOKS. Nor will I see the movie. For a few reasons, but mainly because…as I mentioned before…I’m a prude. And while I have no problem with the existence of erotica and I’m very glad people read sexy books and enjoy them, they are not for me. I’m not even comfortable with the nudity/sex on cable television, I’m definitely not going to read some sort of BDSM erotica.

But if you like it, Laci gives recommendations for others that are more in tune with proper BDSM guidelines for safety and health, similar to what you’d see in examples from websites like anime hentai videos. Enjoy the 50 Shades books and movies, but don’t use them as a model for experimentation in your own life.

Now I’m going back to never talking about this stuff again. I highly recommend Laci Green videos for all things, however. She’s not a prude, she even does sex talks at universities and she’s smart and fun and a good soul. Watch her while I go clutch my pearls some more.

4 thoughts on “Another 50 Shades Public Service Announcement…Just In Time for the Movie.”

  1. Okay she’s adorable. Thank you for that video! I think one of my main issues with this book is it seems to romanticize domestic violence tendencies. Stalking, telling a woman what to wear and isolating her are huge red flags for an abuser. I worry about women in abusive relationships thinking this behavior is okay because IT ABSOLUTELY IS NOT.

  2. I discovered Laci Green from your post of that video way back when. Definitely a good reaction to the books (which I did like), and it made me think a lot about the approach of their relationship and the message it provides. I had honestly not thought about those aspects while I was reading the series, so it was good to get some distance from it all.

  3. I wasn’t interested in 50 Shades, but this is pretty much why I didn’t read the Twilight series. I haven’t read them, and originally it was because the vampire romance genre just doesn’t call to me. However, as I heard more and more about the Bella and Edward storyline I wanted to less and less. Their relationship sounds incredibly unhealthy and even bordering on abusive (as does the one in 50 Shades, even taking the the sex out of it). Those dynamics do not make for a romantic read for me, so I stayed clear of both series.

  4. Never read the books and have no interest in reading them, but that video was quite entertaining and informative.

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