I stopped doodling for a week or two and I’m not sure why. It was one of those easy things that brought me joy but – like running – that first line on a page was the hardest.

(You know line = step, right? Was that a lame metaphor? It’s probably lame if you have to explain it, right?)


IMG_5089I started back this week. I do it for the same reason why I’m trying meditation as well, I need something that just calms my mind. But I got wrapped up in my own head the last two weeks and let go of one of the simplest calming weapons in my arsenal: doodling.

The first one I did this week I just started at basketball practice with Wes. I have a hard time watching him get coached because I want to jump in and say, “Listen to your coach!” or “Do what he says!” when he’s not paying attention. BUT! During that hour, that’s not my job. And in terms of the team? Wes is – by no means – the biggest problem. As a matter of fact, by Wes’s normal standards? He’s the pinnacle of focus on the court. I wish he focused on the rest of his life like he does on the basketball court!

So, I started a doodle so I wouldn’t watch and get stressed. And while I was drawing I thought why did I stop doing this again? It’s just so relaxing. It’s also an effort in teaching myself not to overthink things. I can’t really worry about the “big picture” because I don’t have any idea where it’s going. I just worry about one line at a time and – very rarely – do I put my pen down and hate what I see. Somehow, just looking a few lines ahead is far enough to bring the whole thing together in the end.

(There’s a metaphor about life in there somewhere but I screwed up the first metaphor so I’m ditching this one before I even start it.)

IMG_5095I also started another bullet journal volume this week, and that’s always a fun time to doodle. There are just SO MANY BLANK PAGES and you can’t help but want to draw all over them. I still only do about 1 or 2 doodle pages a week, I like to work on the same page for awhile until I either A) get sick of it or B) feel like it’s done. I’ve gone back to doodling with my first cup of coffee in the morning, I find it’s a much more relaxing start to my day than checking emails or Facebook. I just draw while I’m sipping on that first cup and by the time I start the second cup? I’m ready to work.

I like to keep my Zendoodle Board open if I’m working at my desk. I’m not an artistic person by nature, I can copy simply things (which is why I love those “paint and drink” classes) and make them my own, but I’m not as good without inspiration. I tend to rely on a lot of the same technique if I do it that way. If I keep my Pinterest board open, I’ll try different things. Some to various success.

I’m just glad I’m back to doing it. Those pages definitely add live and personality to my bullet journals…that’s for sure!

2 thoughts on “Doodle.”

  1. I love the doodle! That is so awesome that you can create something so complex with a single pen and a short amount of time. I love the idea of doodling as a form of relaxation.

  2. This is the reason I do puzzles. Just like in life, some pieces are a very clear part of the picture, some are fuzzy but you can deduce where they go by the colour or shape, some are impossible and you just kind of have to use trial and error and take a leap of faith. Some days you place many pieces, other days you feel lost. In the end, you get a whole picture and everything makes sense. The key is to be patient, trust yourself, and plough on.

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