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Things I’m Currently Loving

  • Agent Carter: If you like Action movies with badass female leads? Then this is will be your new favorite TV show. She’s an independent badass who has to fight one helluva patriarchy in her workplace environment. It seems that I might be the only person watching this show – if the ratings are any indication – so get yourself to Hulu where I think all episodes are still free, even if you’re not a Hulu Plus subscriber. And I’m 90% sure you can watch them on ABC.com. GO! There are so many crappy women characters on television – go watch one that kicks a whole lot of ass.
  • The Subtraction Project: I know I’ve talked about loving this here before, but there are so MANY ways to love it now I wanted to talk about it again. There’s the 30-day challenge but it’s ON Demand! And there’s a podcast! And there’s a book coming out! As someone who has been downsizing her “stuff” for years so that she can EVENTUALLY downsize her house (we may die in this very empty house before it ever even makes it on the market) – your life can ONLY be improved by subtracting. There is no better feeling than just letting go. Whether it’s getting rid of half of the 12 giant serving spoons you have (REALLY? When was the last time you needed ALL 12?) or narrowing your 15 pen cups to 3…you’ll be lighter with every prompt, I guarantee you.
  • U.S. District Judge Callie Granade: She has ruled FOR gay marriage TWICE in the last week in Alabama. And while there have been copious amounts of negative responses…they have been WAY overshadowed by positive responses. Even when I’ve perused comments on local news Facebook pages, the negative stuff is no where near as common as then, “Holy Shit. So we may not be the 50th state on this wagon after all!” type of comments. People are shocked, but in a good way. And while there’s a stay and many are not optimistic we won’t see our way out of it, I’m still super euphoric that this happened to begin with. This judge was appointed by Bush. These cases were on no one’s radar because no one expected them to be ruled on in this way. AND SHE DID IT TWICE. Gay marriage may not be legal in our state at the end of this stay, but Judge Granade did her part and she did it beautifully and I will forever be grateful for her.
  • Afterlight Photo Ap: If you like playing with actions in Photoshop? This app will give you what Instagram never could: CONTROL! I can adjust temperature, sharpness, light, AND it gives a bunch of awesome filters. I still upload my photos to Instagram, but I don’t use the filters or anything anymore, I do it all in Afterlight. I love it too because you can leave the photos the size they are, or crop them to a different size, and THEN you can add the white background around it to make it square. I don’t want all of my photos to be square, but you have to in order to put them on Instagram. Now I can make them any size I want, or leave them the original size, and then Afterlight just adds the white border around it to fill in the area to make it square. BOOM.

    We don't often get a chance for snow pictures, so glad Gregg Gelmis got this shot yesterday!

    A photo posted by Kim Holmes (@misszoot) on


    This picture is the perfect example. Because it had other people in it, I didn’t necessarily want to put it on Instagram without their permission (I try to avoid that if possible, unless it’s a big group shot that I’m seeing other people share across their social media) so I cropped only myself and made it square in Afterlight! Way easier than trying to work within Instagram rigid square framework.

So! What are you loving right now?

7 thoughts on “Things I’m Currently Loving”

  1. Can I love the fact that we were supposed to get a huge blizzard with two feet of snow and probably lose power due to high winds and maybe not be able to get out for days and oh my God make sure you have enough food/water/batteries, when in reality we got only a foot of really powdery snow, never lost our power and get to go back to work today?

  2. HA! Ever since we had a node on our power grid get hit in a tornado in 2011 making our ENTIRE CITY without power for 5 days – we get that level of panic even with thunderstorms now. If I hear “potential tornadic activity” even days in advance I fill up the gas tank, get cash, batteries, make sure our decks of cards are all full (51 cards SUCKS when you’re without power) and that we have adequate amounts of peanut butter. ๐Ÿ™‚ We haven’t lost power even once since then, and probably won’t since we have underground utilities, that was seriously a fluke – BUT STILL – it’s one of those “NEVER FORGET!” type of moments where we all panic at the mere thought of losing power again ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I’m catching Agent Carter on Hulu+ and I’m loving it too.

    Still loving Bob’s Burgers.

    Welcome to Night Vale as always (better with headphones because then Cecil is talking to JUST ME AND ONLY ME). I love that out of nowhere in this surreal world phrases like “death is only the end if you think the story is about you” tumble around and rock my brain to pieces.

    Finally, Blue Apron is an amazing food service that is making me happy. The vegetarian recipes veganize realatively easily. The food is awesome and they only send what you actually need (2 pieces of celery!) ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. My family loves Agent Carter too! And we love The Flash. I am going to be sad when Agent Carter ends in a few weeks. The only good thing is that will mean Agents of Shield is back on, but I will miss Peggy.

  5. I am TOTALLY checking out Agent Carter now. Thanks for the tip. I recently started watching Orphan Black and LOVE it. It airs on BBC America, which I don’t get, but the first season is currently on Amazon Prime for free. It’s so good that I’ll pay to watch the 2nd season. The 3rd season starts in April I think.

  6. LOVE Orphan Black! It’s one of the few shows we “subscribe” to since canceling cable. That means we really love it because when it airs we pay per episode ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Love Bob’s Burgers! I hardly ever see people talking about it, but it always makes me laugh. I have yet to check out Welcome to Night Vale; what’s the best way to get started? (I am sorta dumb about these things.)

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