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A Liberating Run

I ran a race yesterday that “Ages Up” – meaning that you are listed as the age that you’ll be on 12/31 of that year. It’s done always in USAT triathlons (as those are all potentially qualifying for a championship so you need to be in the same age group all year) but I always forget that this race does the same thing. It’s part of a long series of races, so they do it for the same reason, but I wasn’t expecting to see “40” on my age on my big.


BUT I WAS SO EXCITED. I’m stupid-excited to turn 40 this year. Just like I was stupid-excited to turn 30. I don’t like many parts of getting older, obviously, but I feel like every decade gets better in my life…so why wouldn’t I celebrate it?

ANYWAY! Yesterday’s race was also interesting because I had NO way to track my speed. I haven’t run with a Garmin in ages but I usually just crank simple math while I’m running to figure out my speed and potential finish time. Yesterday – I had no access to a time piece of any sort. I wasn’t trying to PR, I just had a simple running plan, much like the one I used in my 50K 2 weeks ago. Run strong on the flats and the downhills, walk the uphills. I don’t want to tire my legs out too much, but I do want to push my runs a little bit. So…that’s what I did yesterday. I got caught in a weird cluster for a few early miles (one person was slowing down the bunch…I should write about how to avoid being that person at a later day…because I have to avoid it ALL THE TIME.) (#1 way? Don’t wear headphones. Which I never wear. Okay. I’ll save the rest for the next entry.) so there were times where I wanted to be going faster, but there were also times where I was pushing to keep up because I knew the group would slow down in a minute.

I finally broke free around mile 3.5 and just relaxed and settled into some conversation the rest of the way. I ran strong on the flats and downs, but walked the ups. I only walked the ups that were “long” or “steep” and ran as soon as it flattened out…so it was still a tiring run, but I never felt dead. I felt strong and happy the whole race. AND I had done a 3-mile warmup!

So, when I turned the corner and saw the clock said 2:04? I about died. That’s a FOURTEEN MINUTE PR. I was not expecting that at all. I felt like I killed it last year, so it was shocking to see that I felt so good and still PRd. I think it was half due to a smart race and half do to being in great shape. WHO KNOWS!

Either way – I’m not considering NOT wearing any sort of time piece at my big 50K. That feels INSANE since I’ve been so obsessed with timing pieces of it during my training. But it was so liberating and I felt so good yesterday, I’m really considering not using any sort of timepiece at all on that race day. EEK.

Anyone have any thoughts on that? I’m not a data junky, but I guess I spend a lot of time calculating my pace with just my watch – which I didn’t realize until I was without one yesterday.

2 thoughts on “A Liberating Run”

  1. I accidentally did a half a couple of years ago that was without my timer and HRM – I’d left them in the car. I PR’d too (by a small bit, and also I AM SLOW). But I was sort of weirdly nervous the whole time so I’ve not repeated that on purpose!

  2. Okay, so I have no opinion on this (not a runner) other than you are a bad ass and you rock! Turning 40 is great and you’re going to love it.

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