Thanks and…I’m Sorry.

Can I follow up with two notes about last night’s post? Thanks.

First? I wasn’t going to write about it. But then – as is ALWAYS the case – someone sends me an email or a comment or some sort of feedback saying, “Thank you for talking about ________, it makes me feel less alone.” The majority of my over-sharing on this blog is from those type of comments and THIS is what I say is the best part about the internet. It removes Geography as a barrier when we’re looking for a community.

If someone has a kid at home who sometimes tells them they hate them, or sometimes hits them, then I want them to reach out to me so that we can feel less alone…together. When my Dad died, so many people shared their stores of their grief and I needed that so much. I was still a homebody at that point in my life, very crippled by my own social anxieties. I had very few real-world friends to lean on so my friends in the computer saved me. They actually saved me quite often. When I was suffering through multiple miscarriages in an attempt to build my family…When I was struggling after losing my job…When I was struggling with my post-Harry Potter Depression…

(What? It’s not always doom and gloom around here…)

So, Thank you. Again. Thank you for speaking up and encouraging me to keep sharing. Thank you for echoing your support and your own struggles. Thank you again and again and again for making this place my safe place and for helping me find a community whenever I need it.

Second? My blog flagged most of the comments you all left last night. I have no idea why. That used to happen quite often when I had all sorts of keywords flagged as “warning” for spam comments, but I don’t use that method anymore. My blog just flagged them…JUST BECAUSE. Which CRACKS ME UP. Here we all are, discussing how difficult it is to be open about the need for mental health care, and my blog says, “Ehhh…I’m going to hold this personal and vulnerable comment that you probably struggled with typing…for moderation just in case it’s spam.”

So, Ha! I’m sorry my blog is a bitch. Something we’re all talking about hits us on Akismet’s spam radar for some reason. So, thank you SO MUCH for being open and sharing and offering your support. I’m really REALLY sorry my blog held your comment for moderation. I think I pushed them all through okay now, so nothing is “pending” anymore. Akismet does a decent job protecting my blog from spam so I’m not going to get too irritated about this, but know that I have NO idea why it’s doing it and PLEASE keep commenting. Usually it “learns” so whatever is triggering the flagging will hopefully loosen up as I approve each comment it flags.

I just don’t want that to discourage anyone from future commenting. Whenever that happens I approve it, obviously. And it’s not YOU, I promise. It’s Akismet…my defender against comment spam. Akismet is evidently NOT a supporter of the mental health care industry.

7 thoughts on “Thanks and…I’m Sorry.”

  1. I am child-free, so I have not had to experience the frustration that you did, but I did watch my best friend go through something similar, and I know it was so difficult for her. I myself have been in therapy for almost three years, and I was able to use my employer’s Employee Assistance Program to make my first appointment. It was still REALLY HARD to make the call, but setting up the actual appointment was pretty easy. I know our EAP is also for spouses and dependents…might Donnie’s company have something similar? In case you decide you want to talk to someone too? I can’t stress enough how life-changing therapy has been for me. I still struggle a lot with binge eating and anxiety and depression and compulsive behaviors, but having a professional to talk to about these things has changed my life.

  2. When I saw the title of this post, I got a little angry… I was like, What is Kim apologizing about? Being honest? Getting help? WHAT?

    And then I read it and chuckled. Life is weird, man. Apparently Aksimet thinks it needs to nanny-sit your readers, and that’s funny. That it did it on that post, with that content, is ironic and awful at the same time.

  3. Wow. You are so brave and such a great mom. Wes is so fortunate to have such a great loving family.

    Many providers won’t take the insurance because: money. My therapist stopped taking UHC mid 2014 because they reduced the amount they would pay as well as reducing therapy time from 1 hour to 45 minutes per patient. I am fortunate to have enough $ to still go to her. It was very hard for me to find someone I clicked with.

  4. Back in our low/no budget grad school days, my husband was able to find a counselor and and a psychiatrist through Catholic Charities. There, you pay what you can. It wasn’t religion based counseling – we had a family member do her intern hours at another location and she’s an Orthodox Jew 🙂 Anyway – maybe there is something like that near you. Don’t hesitate for yourself either! I was reluctant to go myself, but when I did I kicked myself for waiting. I take essentially a pediatric dose of an anti-depressant – lo and behold: no more panic attacks or depression. My doc explained that as I go through peri-menopause and beyond, hormones change the way our brains respond and the receptors can become more/less sensitive and need a little help to keep things running smoothly. Sorry for the long comment! Hang in there!

  5. It’s needs to be talked about, it’s real and many people suffer in silence, that must stop <3

  6. I didn’t see your last post until just now. I’m sorry you had to go through that. The way mental health care is handled in this country is appalling. I wish I could offer some advice, but honestly whatever rigamarole I had to go through to find a doctor and therapist is a bit of a blur now. I will say say that Wes is very lucky he has such an attentive and diligent mom in his corner. Don’t give up hope! And maybe pick a second option now, so that if this one doesn’t work out you don’t have to start completely from scratch. Good luck!

  7. Thank you – my son (in kindergarten) sounds a lot like yours. Sometimes he’s as sweet as an angel, but when he’s mad, he gets physical. He hits, kicks, kung-fu chops – but only me. Which in turn scares me to tears OR makes me want to react. I’m working with school – since we think a lot of what triggers him may be sensory processing and ADD or ADHD issues.

    It helps so much to reach out and find other moms and families who are going through the same things.

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