I Win The Battle Of The Necklaces.

A few months ago I sent my friend a message with this picture and said something like, “Hey…could you use some copper?”


Because…you know…that’s a completely normal question to ask someone, right?

You see…my Dad grew up in a large family that didn’t have a lot and he was VERY MUCH of the No Waste, Ever mindset. If he came across ANYTHING in his day-to-day life that was even REMOTELY useful in ANY way…he kept it. We had stacks of yogurt cups on top of the microwave because they made good drinking cups for camping. He brought home wood crates that hospital equipment was shipped in, and he made furniture out of it. He made flashcards for us out of old punchcards used for programming.

So, needless to say, his house was full of a lot of things that he thought…ONE DAY…he might make use of. And copper, being just a valuable metal to begin with, definitely seemed worth keeping in his eyes. And even though we donated 90% of his stuff to the Knoxville Rescue Mission, I couldn’t let go of the copper. It didn’t take up much space in my life and I just felt like…some day…it might be useful.

Maybe that insanity is genetic?

But then my friend started a business making upcycled jewelry. And she did a LOT of work with metals….namely copper. She made jewelry out of pennies and I just fell in love with everything so I thought, “I bet she could do something with this.”

And she did. She took the tubing and made beads out of it. I have no idea the science or craft behind this task…all I know is that THIS is what she put in my hands last night and I freakin’ cried. We were in public, at a restaurant with other writers from Rocket City Mom and I freakin’ cried like a baby. Because y’all? My Dad would have just ADORED THIS. He would have been all, “SEE. This is what I’m talking about! Why throw this stuff away???”

And it would have totally validated every weird thing he had in his basement/garage.



You can click on the photos to open up bigger copies to see the details and the colors of the beading. SERIOUSLY. LOOK AT IT. It’s truly amazing. I can’t even contain the love I have for this piece of jewelry.

So…yeah. Don’t be jealous, is basically the point of this entry.

My necklace is the best.

16 thoughts on “I Win The Battle Of The Necklaces.”

  1. Too late, I’m totally jealous! That is a beautiful necklace and the story behind it is priceless. 🙂

  2. Beautiful! It’s pretty amazing to have received this beautiful gift around your father’s birthday when he has been in your thoughts more than ever.

  3. That necklace is beautiful and the fact that it was made from copper your dad saved makes it even more special and wonderful.

  4. The necklace is gorgeous and the story just made me cry like a baby, too. Fortunately, I am sitting in my bed, alone.

  5. A dear story about your father, and a great necklace. Lovely evolution of these materials and after Meghan’s rough week with an accidental disaster involving two little boys, resulting in jewelry crashing to a ceramic tile floor in a million pieces, it is so nice for her to end the week with tears of joy.

  6. Omg, that is stunning, now your Father is always with you.
    Your friend is talented, does she have a website ?

  7. WANT. ONE. NOW.

    Sorry for screaming. That is the general volume of my house these days with an almost 2yr old and a 16yo girl who is channeling Satan most of the time.

  8. What a treasure. To have something so beautiful to wear that is a little piece of your dad is beyond words.

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