Sherlock told me to be Mindful

I was listening to an interview with Benedict Cumberbatch (My precious…) the other day and he spoke about how he tries to be mindful in his daily life and that it helps him to keep perspective and to juggle the insane life of celebrity. Because I take the words of sexy British actors very seriously, it got me thinking about how…Yeah! I do that too!…at least I used to…

I admit it…I’ve not been very mindful lately. The stress of getting house repairs done to prep it for sale along with various other stresses in my life I won’t bore you with (and to be fair, it could be worse – a friend’s had to call in some Quality Foundation Repair people after finding out her house wasn’t level, i’m glad our repairs aren’t that bad at least)…I find that, in my “quiet” moments the only thing I am thinking about is…Holy Crap. I’m stressed. Where are the donuts?

And y’all? I have eaten a crap-ton of donuts lately. When people ask me if I’m still vegan I say, “Yes. Except for donuts. It seems that I can’t give those up as they are the only way I know how to deal with stress.”

But I think that – maybe – not trying to be mindful lately is actually making me MORE stressed. Maybe getting out of that habit of just being present and in the moment has allowed my anxiety to just grow inside of me lately way beyond the point where it would have otherwise.

So…this morning I made myself a reminder on my bullet journal page. MINDFUL. (Also…isn’t my lettering awesome? Yay for Zendoodle Inspirations on Pinterest!) I think if I spend moments here and there just being PRESENT and aware of the blessings in my life…then maybe the stress will fade a little bit.

And when Benedict Cumberbatch tells you to do something? You do it. Or small bunnies will die.

(Also? If he wasn’t yummy enough before? That interview was the BEST. He ended it with FART NOISES, people. He is the complete package of awesome.)


2 thoughts on “Sherlock told me to be Mindful”

  1. What’s that expression? Benedict Cumberbatch is a situation all my friends and I are having right now? I guess if the man says something, I should probably listen. “Mindful,” huh? I could probably benefit from that; I’ve been on a bit of a donut binge myself. I know you like Krispy Kreme, but I have to go with Entenmann’s crumb donuts. On a more positive note, I think I’m going to have to look into bullet journaling. I’m just not sure of the minimum supplies I’ll need.

  2. And now here I am, a grown professional woman, sitting at my desk at work wondering if the British make fart noises with a British accent. Can’t wait to get home to find out.

    Also, I want to know the answer to Fraulein’s question. What is the minimum required to start bullet journaling?

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