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10 Years of Christmas Cards

I’ve been meaning to scan my old Christmas Cards for AGES. I was actually missing a few of them but did screen grabs from Shutterfly if I couldn’t find them. Some years I still have a pile of 30, some I have zero, but now I at least have one decent digital copy of all of them! And “decent” may be pushing it because my scanner is ninety billion years old. I might have been better off photographing these with my iPhone.

I present to you: The Zoot Family 2004-2014.

(P.S. I’m really sorry to those of you who have told me that your work internet blocks my blog images. This is going to be the most BORING POST EVER for you.)

2004 (We sent two collages, one of the humans, one of the animals.)
2007 – A (From our family portrait session, these cards just came with the photo package.)
2007 – B (These are the cards we actually sent out.)

3 thoughts on “10 Years of Christmas Cards”

  1. oh, i loved this!

    i’ve saved every one you’ve sent so i could do the same type of thing you did in this…look at them in chronological order and be amazed…but somehow i have them in different places of christmas stuff and addresses, etc…so i’ve not actually done it.

    so, thanks for doing it for me. 🙂

  2. This is a wonderful post! I’ve sent photo Valentines (instead of Holiday) Cards out since 2006, and I love looking back at them all in row.

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