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Sorry for the excessive posting today. I scheduled several entries to go live to test my new hosting package. Things will return to normal tomorrow.

Look at this child’s hair! It’s insane. It’s not quite curly like mine, but it’s definitely not straight like his sisters. It has wave like E’s but is no where near as thick (yet?) but this child DOES NOT CARE AT ALL about how it looks. Sometimes he’ll be inspired to brush it but most days he leaves the house with this glorious style and I love it!

Every summer he opts to shave his head like Donnie does, but for the winter they both go shaggy if they can!

This is the last scheduled post for today. If you haven’t commented on any posts today, do you mind throwing me a bone here just to make sure everything is working for everyone on every computer and every browser in all the land? Thanks.

15 thoughts on “THE HAIR.”

  1. *tosses bone*

    Also, you can tell Wes he looks like a blonde Harry Potter without the glasses to me.

  2. I wish I could just let my hair go and not care what people thought about it. Tell Wes to keep letting that wonderful mane be wild and free!

  3. posting from my iPhone to say all is well! (Earlier today I got a couple different error message saying there were too many re-directs from your site, but whatever that glitch was seems to be ironed out now.)

  4. Hannie – Hey, i'm Hannah, Born and bred in Bedford, UK. I'm foster Mum to a teenage boy and mum to a small boy. I'm married to Chris and blog about our life as a crazy slightly random family.
    Hannah says:

    I don’t mind the shaggy or skin head looks it’s the ridiculous Mohican that my husband insists on sporting. He won’t have it cut unless it’s to tidy up the sides because it’s such a talking point now.

  5. When I work that hairstyle I like to think of it as my Neil Gaiman look.

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