I’ve not been sleeping well lately. My friends have tried suggesting things like CBD or putting on white noise as a way to help me sleep so they are somethings I can look into. But some nights are better than others – but overall I’m staying up MUCH later and getting up MUCH earlier. And I’m tired all the time. I am 99% I can pinpoint exactly the problem, but I’m 100% sure that KNOWING the problem doesn’t make it any easier to solve.

The kids haven’t been sleeping great either. Wes’s leg cramps have morphed into something different (foot cramps) and they seem to be harder to treat. Nikki has had some weird stomach issues that has had me adjusting her diet constantly to try to pinpoint the problem. They both now fight over who I should be sleeping with and both claim that THEY CAN NOT SLEEP WITHOUT ME.

Which I perpetuate because Donnie and I are not sleep compatible (he needs a TV to fall asleep, I need darkness and silence) so I actually sleep BETTER in their beds than I do my own.

But man…we’re all basically SO VERY TIRED ALL OF THE TIME.

This makes us cranky and emotional and basically we’re just a family of zombies crying at the drop of a hat.

I’d love to plan a day of catching up on sleep. Some sleeping late. Some napping. Some going to be early. Just an entire day of trying to sleep. But life doesn’t allow that, no matter how much of a zombie I feel like.

So! Basically this is just a post where I complain about how tired I am. Aren’t you excited? MORE THAN ONE POST and the content is SO RIVETING. My blog is amazing. I know.

If you’re new here, I’m scheduling a few extra posts today to test my new home.

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