Do You Like My New Pad?

(Dear people who get email notifications of my blog updates. I apologize preemptively for the excessive emails today. It will only happen today. I PROMISE.)

(Dear everyone else…there will be extra content today! Check back for more awesomeness than usual!)

After weeks of trying to solve this resource problem on my blog…I think we have it under control. First we had them up my hosting package. Then we had them up my resource limits. But this week we decided none of that was going to work and I should move to an entirely different package all together. I tried all night Monday night to get the automated system to migrate my site and it just kept failing. I called yesterday afternoon and they made some changes, optimized my giant database etc, and it STILL failed. So, they took over and decided to do it manually on their end. I got the email saying, “It’s done!” and I got ready to connect the domains only…it wasn’t done. Nothing looked right or worked on the “temp” site so I couldn’t connect the domain. I called AGAIN and I was able to point out one GLARING error that I knew was causing a lot of problems. Then, together, we spent about an hour on the phone – the GoDaddy Tech and I – trying to see what all didn’t migrate correctly. FINALLY, about 10pm last night, we declared victory and I connected my domain to the new hosting spot.


Hopefully we will have NO MORE resource problems. And in celebration, I’m going to post SEVERAL times today. Partly because I’m just excited to be able to think about writing and not think about, “Well…do I want to waste that PRIZED MATERIAL if my blog still isn’t loading right?”

(I mean, I’ve been thinking of Pulitzer Quality content the last few weeks but I couldn’t post it because I was worried the blog would not load!)

(They give Pulitzers for articles about boob sweat, right?)

But I also just want to keep an eye on things. I have 3 posts scheduled to go live today and I may throw some random photo posts in the middle. If you are a subscriber? I AM SO SORRY. I just need to check this whole set up out and make sure it’s all working as well as it’s supposed to be!

Also…while I included the picture of my book tree yesterday, I didn’t show it to you in relation to where I work every day. IT IS AMAZING. This is my office now, which means working just got 100% more enjoyable thanks to an amazing view.

OH! And guess what? THE DEAD BUG ISN’T HERE ANYMORE! Now, is it in the garbage? NO! But it’s closer! I swept my office to take this picture so the dead bug is now in a pile of dirt/hair ready to be swept into a dustpan.

Will that happen? WHO KNOWS!

So! New digs for the blog! Bug-Free office! Book Tree in sight! It’s going to be an amazing day!

5 thoughts on “Do You Like My New Pad?”

  1. I am looking forward to the next installment in the Dead Bug Saga. And I have to agree with Monica; now that I realize the book tree is on the FLOOR and not a TABLE, it’s even more awesome! (I don’t know why I thought it was on a table.)

  2. Hannie – Hey, i'm Hannah, Born and bred in Bedford, UK. I'm foster Mum to a teenage boy and mum to a small boy. I'm married to Chris and blog about our life as a crazy slightly random family.
    Hannah says:

    I love the book trees but my husband already complains about too many books for the book shelves lol.

  3. What do your cats think of it? I’m afraid my grey cat would decide to knock it over or play with the lights. My tortiose shell would probably just look at it LOL

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