NaBloPoMo: DONE. (+ A Peak Behind The Curtain)

I did it. BARELY. But I did it. I only had ONE day where I kinda missed but I declared since it was STILL the same day somewhere in the U.S. (Hawaii) then I was okay. And I think that works. That’s not TOO far of a stretch.

I thought I’d show you guys a snapshot of my dashboard, but in grabbing a screen grab I remembered that I’ve been needing to do something for AWHILE now. Back in the ole days of this blog, I would randomly change the password and let you all log in and write things on it. Usually it was like, “Tell your secrets here!” or “Vent here!” but recently someone remembered they had done that or something and asked if I would delete it and I had TOTALLY FORGOTTEN that I had done that! And I’ve been meaning to just delete them all for a LONG TIME. I mean, I don’t have time to read them all and ask people – but when my blog started getting a little more traffic I probably should have removed those things anyway. I just forgot. SO. I think I got them all and NOW my dashboard is all entries I wrote myself. I hope! Here’s the before/after! (And it shows you how many people wrote to my blog! Cool, huh?)


That’s a LOT of posts. So, obviously I don’t need NaBloPoMo too much for reminding me to post. But it’s still a great motivation because I do still ebb and flow with my content over here.

Although – like with running – it’s a part of my routine so I always feel better when I’ve posted something!

Thanks for bearing with the good and the bad days of NaBloPoMo!

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  1. I’ve gotten so used to reading your blogs that I feel like my day is not complete until I do.

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