Cutting it SOOOO Close…

We made it back from Louisiana, it was a whirlwind trip and I’m exhausted but it was great. The kids both stayed invisible for hours while they hung out with cousins and I got to actually hang out and converse with adults without chasing Wesley down and begging him to quit talking about farting and balls (his two favorite subjects) everywhere he went.

It was great.

Wes doesn’t really have anyone his EXACT age but I thought he’d do okay with the boys who were in the 9-10 range. Nope. He hung out with the teenagers, deciding that Donnie’s 18-year old cousin was his new best friend. It was hysterical. And because these boys are just good guys, they totally welcomed him into the fold on the basketball court. I went out to bring him in for pictures and he was the youngest by AT LEAST 7 years. Yet he still turned to the adult-sized boys out there when he left the court and said, “I’ll be right back guys.”

It was hysterical.

IMG_3230What was also hysterical was that he took his basketball shoes off to play basketball. Doing THIS to his socks. When I asked WHY? he said, “Because my feet were cold. And the shoes were cold. So they were making my feet colder.”


All in all? Great trip. Too short. And now I’m getting the kids ready for a 10K/5K tomorrow. I’m ready for bed and JUST BARELY made it to NaBloPoMo!

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