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What Keeps Us Sane On Road Trips

Neither of our kids have tablets or devices that they have free reign to play with. On special events or occasions or when we’re just desperate for a quiet dinner out – we’ll let Wes use our iPhones but that’s about it. The only screen they have to help them on road trips is the movie screen built into the van. When you travel with kids, keeping them entertained can be difficult at first. But when you decide to hire a campervan in Auckland for a road trip in New Zealand for example, you’re going to want to make the most of it. That’s what we try to do no matter where we go.

I’m very glad someone told me early on in my van ownership when I went to the Wichita Chevrolet dealership, “Don’t use the DVD player around town. Save it for road trips. It won’t do ANY good on long drives if they’re used to it around town.”

And man…I’m so glad they suggested this! Because it is SO TRUE. They truly look forward to watching movies in the van on a road trip because it’s so rare that they get to do just that. So, it tends to entertain them a little more. Which makes the trip a little less painful. Trust me, even if you’ve found the best rv roads in texas, your road trip will get quite boring at points, so it’s good to have something like that at your side.

We’re heading 6+ hours away this afternoon, so when you’re reading this we’ll be in Slidell, Louisiana with Donnie’s family. I don’t know if we even have any good movies to take this trip – we usually rent from Red Box – but I’m hoping we find something to keep them sane because we are traveling at the WORST POSSIBLE TIME. It will be rush hour in Birmingham AND we’re traveling on the heaviest travel day of the year AND it’s Ironbowl weekend and we have to drive through Tuscaloosa.

Lose. Lose. Lose.

You know what? Screw this. We’re going to Red Box.

(P.S. I hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving!!!!)

4 thoughts on “What Keeps Us Sane On Road Trips”

  1. Happy Thanksgiving! Sounds like you didn’t have to worry about bad weather, at least? We got a couple of inches of snow/sleet yesterday. Luckily my son’s flight was only delayed an hour and he was here before the worst of it.

  2. Red is is the answer, for sure !
    Have safe trips and a Happy a Thanksgiving……

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