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Self Love.

Today’s daily NaBloPoMo prompt challenged us to take ONE DAY to think about all of the things we love about ourselves that maybe we have no control over. (Because most days we focus on hating the things we have no control over. In my case? The vein on my forehead.) So! Today it’s all about the self love.

Things I Love About Myself

IMG_2917My curls. I hate my hair COLOR (I know! I’m already doing it wrong!) but after a childhood of fighting them, I really learned to love my curls as an adult. I think it probably really started in my early twenties when my hair got longer and I enjoyed the look of my giant mane. I still hadn’t perfected care/styling – so I didn’t love the curls as consistently as I do now, but I have loved them the better part of the last 15+ years. If flat irons had existed when I was a teenager? I’m not sure I would have ever learned to embrace the curls, so I’m VERY glad I was forced to learn to love them.

My eye color. I just like having blue eyes. I don’t think there’s anything shocking about their shade of blue, but I do like having blue eyes.

My punctuality. My fear of being late is what drives my tendency to be perpetually early everywhere I go. And I am SO VERY glad this is not something I ever have to think about. I’m actually so early everywhere that – MOST of the time – when those last-minute things happen that make everyone else late, happen? They just make me ON TIME. Case and Point: One day we left for school, got to the school and in the drop off line when Nikki realized she had forgotten something dire. I let Wes out of the car and we ran back home and we grabbed what she needed, and we both assumed I’d have to check her in with a “tardy”. But, nope. We were still 5 minutes early.

I read articles sometimes “explaining” why Moms are late and there is just no part of me that relates to that. I have all of the same things happen, forgotten shoes or missing underwear, but my natural tendency to be early comes with a deep awareness of what needs to be done before we walk out the door. And I add at least a 5-minute cushion on everything. I always give us AT LEAST 15 minutes to get anywhere, even if it’s 5 minutes down the road. I assume it will take us 5 minutes to get from the front door, to pulling out the driveway. So, right there I’ve already often given us a 10-minute buffer with our “out the door” time. And then, on the inside I’m aware of what needs to be packed and who needs to be dressed and there’s just a natural watch-dog in me that keeps an eye on the clock and the children and makes sure everyone has everything they need AT LEAST 10 minutes before we need to be out the door.

And I don’t really give it much thought. It’s all very innate. And I’m VERY grateful for that.

My love of reading. I’m not sure if this is something I was born with or something I learned so early it feels like I was born with it, but either way, I’m very glad it’s there. I do sometimes wish I was drawn to more “significant” books – but for the most part I’m just happy with the desire I have to always be reading something.

My empathy. My husband and I talk about this a lot. It sometimes is a curse, but 90% of the time I’m very grateful for the natural ability I have to put myself in other people’s shoes. This is almost a fault at times because I have a tendency not to push for things I want/need because I can too easily see why me having that could negatively impact someone else. Meaning I often put the needs of others before the needs of myself. BUT – because of the empathy – seeing the people around me happy often carries more value in my general state of happiness than MY OWN happiness. Which is why I say I’m happy about this 90% of the time. 10% of the time I wish I could be a little less aware of how things impacted the lives of other people.

But my empathy just allows me to be understanding and flexible in areas that Donnie isn’t and so – seeing the other side allows me to really appreciate my own empathy. He’s okay with NOT having that and most of the times I think that makes us a really good team. Sometimes he wishes I could be more self-absorbed and I wish he would show more empathy, but for the most part we balance each other out.

What about you? Can you list any characteristics you love about yourself that you seem to have been born with?

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  1. I love the punctuality part. It drives me crazy when people are late. My younger sister always made us late to school because she forgot something or couldn’t find her shoes or something. I hated being late. Now I make sure I’m always early or on time.

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