Celebrating Thursdays In Hawaii

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Quickly! Here are two photos explaining why I (almost) missed yesterday.

(I made up that rule. It holds.)IMG_2996

A good chunk of my day yesterday was at Wes’s school helping his class make these shirts. It was insane because “Classroom Craft Mom” is not in my wheelhouse and I was very nervous and out of sorts and was on my own for a good chunk of it. Another Mom showed up to help just in time and we finished the last one WHILE the bells were ringing. Needless to say, the few hours I was not up at school, I was trying to do my job since – you know – that’s kinda the bigger priority on a weekday!

(I’m glad I did the project but I’m also glad I don’t do that but maybe once a year. I’m the worst craft Mom in the world.)


AND THEN…at 5:15 (AFTER a Huntsville Track Club kids run session) we had to be part of this awesomeness thanks to Rocket City Mom. And y’all? We had so much fun. The kids were in good moods most of the night and they were having fun but not being rowdy or obnoxious and it was a great night but we got home at 9pm and we were all EXHAUSTED. (We left the show a tiny bit early to beat the crowds.)

Anyway…I was exhausted and had eaten TOO MUCH FOOD and passed out without thinking about this blog. BUT! I’m awake for the day and I feel like, as long as some of my countrymen/women are still living where it’s still Thursday, IT STILL COUNTS!

2 thoughts on “Celebrating Thursdays In Hawaii”

  1. Can I just say I love November! I can count on updates from you! My blog died and I feel like everyone else’s blogs are dying. And I really miss them. So, thanks for posting! Those shirts looks awesome. I’m all stressed because I have to think of a class art thingie too for third grade holiday party and UGH. Not my thing either!!!

  2. Ha! I’m on the west coast, and I feel like a lot of my readers/blog friends are on the east coast. I also frequently don’t blog until last thing before going to bed, i.e., around 9:30 or 10:00 pm PST. Not that it’s a tragedy if I miss a day, but I not uncommonly feel like I need to post a disclaimer somewhere “You’re probably not reading this until tomorrow morning and see a time stamp that’s after midnight your time, but it’s still [ ]day where I am, I swear!”

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