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Balancing a Boring Blog Message With An Adorable Picture of My Child

So! I’ve been having resource issues on my blog.

(I KNOW…BORING! Bear with me.)

(Funny story: I googled “Is it ‘bear’ or ‘bare’ with me?” once and y’all? That is a REALLY popular question.)

So. Resource issues.

And it relates to REAL traffic. I’ve cleaned up my blog a lot so I’m not dealing with burdensome plugins or designs anymore. I’m keeping it SUPER simple so everything stays SUPER streamlined but it seems some of my RAM usage is simply traffic to the blog. It’s not “Make millions as a blogger!” level but we are creeping past the “minor monthly cost” territory and into the “needs to be a real budget line item” category.

And we have a tight budget, guys.

Donnie REALLY wants me to look into some sort of revenue options here. I do NOT want ads. Partly because I think they’ll stifle my creative juices and partly because I don’t think I’ll make any actual money off of them because ads pay per CLICK now, not per impression. I don’t want to do any paid content on this site either. Again – because I don’t want it to stifle my creative juices which are kinda lame as it is.

So…maybe a “tip jar” type donation button? Be honest. If something like that was in the sidebar would it completely turn you off?

Okay. For bearing with me (not BARE-ing with me)…here’s a great Wesley picture and story.

This morning he asked me to brush his hair. When I was done I told him to go look in the mirror and see if he approved. He looked in the mirror, smiled, did finger guns and said, “Oh, yeah. Wesley Man is BACK!”

17 thoughts on “Balancing a Boring Blog Message With An Adorable Picture of My Child”

  1. Top jars don’t bother me at all. I’ve never been sure how effective they are, esp over the long term, but I think the only way to know is to try it and see.

  2. Kim I have read your blog since well before Nikki was born. I am a long time lurker, once in a great while commenter. Every morning I enjoy my breakfast while reading your blog. I have laughed and cried with you. You have been an inspiration to me with your running journey and your absolute honesty with raising your children. Your honesty and candor has made me feel like I really know you and I your a friend. I really believe many of the “big” name bloggers could and should take lessons from you because of the attributes I listed above are why I am a loyal reader.

    Having said all of that, I would not be offended in the least bit by ads or a “tip jar”. If it helps keep the machine of “MissZoot” going, I am all for it!!

  3. Thank you so much! And by the way – the comment thing is part of the “resource” problem! Not your fault at all! I can easily delete the repeats 🙂

  4. Agreed with the above. Long time reader. I’d chip in to the Zoot fund to keep things going. That being said, like a previous commenter, I’m not sure if they are effective long term. And I’d be totally ok with ads or sponsored posts if you felt that worked for you in the future.

  5. Kate – with my site it’s actually traffic. We’ve analyzed data and it’s actually traffic so it uses more of the server than I pay for so I have to pay for more 🙂 Sometimes it’s more data/photos/information but for me it’s traffic so I’m really happy about it, but I just have to increase the portion I use for my little blog.

  6. I would actually be fine with ads or a tip jar. I read a lot of blogs and the ads don’t bother me at all. I love your blog, so I hope this doesn’t make you stop writing.

  7. I have no problem with adds (unless they are the weird kind that hang on the bottom with the teeny tiny close button 🙂 ) They are such an everyday part of blogs now and I second (or third or fourth) everyone else – whatever it takes to keep your blog going because it usually is my first read of the day!

  8. i’ll do whatever it takes to help chip in on my, what’s now going on 10 years, morning habit! as habits go, it’s probably the best one i have. 🙂

  9. I cannot imagine my life without a blog entry from MissZoot. Whatever you need to make your site stay as long as you want to write, is fine by me.

    You are responsible for inspiring me in SO many realms of my life, it’s unreal. I truly feel you are my sister from another mother or we are reincarnated sisters or whatever other parallel universe comparison I’m trying to make as I babble on.

    So, yah…tip jar, ads, etc…all good…

    PS – Wesley Man totally rocks!

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