A Traveling Post? From Me?

We’ve discussed before how I am NOT a “traveler” in any typical definition of the word. I’m a home body and nine million things about traveling give me SUCH anxiety that there is not really any part of me feels like my life will be less without a foreign trip somewhere.


I heard this GREAT conversation prompt on Professor Blastoff the other day. (Remember, I’m working my way forward so I am NOT caught up with “real time” so when I say I’ve listened to something it’s NOT a current episode.) They were discussing World Travel and the guest had them all answer the same three questions. The same THREE questions I’m going to answer here!

Why would you care to answer World Traveler questions when you don’t really want to travel?

Because! I do love our country here, I’ve been all over OUR country enough to know what places I’d love to travel to and I feel like people TOTALLY disregard the awesomeness we have here in this country. So! I’m answering these questions and not leaving the country! (Keep in mind, money or lost jobs are not issues with these questions!)

If you could spend


anywhere in the world, where you would spend it?

One of those tropical resorts with the huts over the perfectly blue water. I’m not a beach person AT ALL, but the idea of spending a pampered week at a cheesy resort with bars IN THE WATER and spas and blue water and beaches? That appeals to me for ONE WEEK. Any longer and I’d want to shoot myself. But I’ve always wanted to do that for ONE WEEK, and ONE WEEK only.

If you could spend

    ONE MONTH anywhere in the world, where would you spend it?

I would like to spend a month camping using the Rockies as the Eastern boundary and the Pacific Ocean as the western boundary. I’ve even started planning what to do on the trip, with the help of I can’t wait! I’d like to spend chunks of time in the Rockies, In the Redwoods, in Yellowstone, and the Tetons and in Yosemite. If I had a month I feel like I could spend enough time in each of those places to enjoy them and I’ve always wanted to do another month-long camping trip every since my Dad took me on a similar trip when I was 14. But instead of camping in tents and feeling cold in the winter months, the idea of looking into family caravans with bunks and ensuite sounds a lot more appealing, especially at this age.

So I may just start looking at purchasing something like this alaskan camper for sale and go on a little camping trip by myself!

If you could spend

    ONE YEAR anywhere in the world, where would you spend it?

This one is hard, but I think I’d choose “Pacific Northwest” as a general area. I’d love to spend some time in nature but I’d also love to spend some time just living in Seattle and Portland. I just feel like those climates are the most “extreme” I could handle through the Winter. I couldn’t live there forever because I think the climate would drive me crazy after awhile, but I would love to spend a year there to just enjoy the people and nature.

Let me know if you do the same thing on your blog! If you don’t have a blog, feel free to answer the questions in the comments here!

3 thoughts on “A Traveling Post? From Me?”

  1. I actually did this one! On my blog! Yay! Thanks for the fabulous prompts. Even if I haven’t used them all, I’m saving them for when I want to blog. So thank you!!!

  2. Week–I would love to visit Washington, DC. I feel like a week would be the perfect time to do this. I regret living in NC for 5 years and never going while I lived so close (I live in NM now).
    Month–I would go to Norway and visit my distant cousins that live there. I have met a small group that came to Texas to visit 2.5 years ago and loved it. I have contact with a bunch of them on Facebook. When my great-great-grandparents migrated to the US they left one married daughter there–these are her descendants. I want to see where my family came from and visit all the beautiful places.
    Year–This one is hard. I can’t imagine moving away from where I live now. Maybe to Arkansas where my husband is from–I would have family there.

  3. I would also spend the week somewhere tropical, with white beaches and that unreal looking blue water you see in the movies, but without a crowd.
    I would spend a month in Guatemala. My son was born there and I would like to spend some time traveling in the country, seeing the Mayan ruins, the beautiful countryside, and meeting the people. We were only there for four days so we didn’t see much, mostly the hotel, the Embassy, and the airport.
    I don’t know where I would spend one year. Can it be just traveling around the world? There are so many places I want to go! But I never will because I am a homebody. I get too stressed when I travel. If I have to stay in one place, I would probably go to Great Britain. I speak their language, and I could easily make side trips to a lot of great places from there.

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