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NaBloPoMo Crappy Post Of Obligation.

(Everyone does AT LEAST one of these during November. If you don’t? You are a better blogger than I am.)

I woke up before 4am again this morning. Luckily I was asleep around 8pm so I’m finding a way to cope with this horrible new sleep schedule by attempting an even EARLIER bedtime. Like 9pm wasn’t early enough before.

Anyway – I managed to get a lot done. Some tasks for work, some cooking for family dinner, some cleaning, and I even sent out the daily prompts for NaBloPoMo. HOWEVER, that was it before my No Runner Left Behind Trail group that my friends and I lead, so I did NOT get to blog. Therefore, I find myself in that NaBloPoMo panic where I realize I’m neck deep in Stuff To Do and have NOT BLOGGED YET.

So, you get a picture. I know, I know, TOTALLY LAME. Please forgive me. But it’s a picture I took of myself on my trail run and I had a great run surrounded by great people (not pictured, OBVIOUSLY) so you get a picture of my happiness during that run.


And that is ALL YOU GET. I’m sorry. To make up for it NEXT Sunday I’ll post TWO pictures.

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