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The World Is Still Full Of Surprises!

YOU GUYS. Yesterday? My blog changed my life. Well…my blog changes my life a lot. You can’t write over 5,000 posts in 11 years and not have your life changed a LITTLE bit. But yesterday? You guys introduced me to something I had never heard of, but has already CHANGED MY LIFE FOREVER. Zentangles!

It’s basically doodle art and I looked it up on Pinterest and started my own board with inspiration and GUYS. It is so awesome! There are evidently books and such but this is kinda up my line already – so I just needed some visual inspiration and maybe some guidelines and I started a page yesterday after I first discovered it, doodled over lunch, worked on it in carpool and at soccer and before bed. BAM! A daily doodle which – or some reason – BRINGS ME SO MUCH JOY. And it’s SUCH A great way to kinda keep your mind perky while doing something like eating or waiting in carpool. It’s EXACTLY what I need.


I woke up at 3:30am this morning (went to bed after 9pm…why does my body hate me) and immediately looked forward to starting a new doodle. I spend 15 minutes doodling over my first cup of coffee (hee…”doodling”…) and VIOLA! Day started with creative juices flowing and something in my bullet journal to IMMEDIATELY bring a smile to my face if I need it.


I mean, I’m not good at it by any means, but even after one day of getting ideas of Pinterest and playing around with the flow of it, I already feel like I understand it more and can do more with it. It’s SO FUN and SO THERAPEUTIC. I remember someone telling me once that they colored in coloring books as a type of therapy and I think this is the same idea for people who get bored with coloring.

Thank you guys so much! And if you have any good Zentangle boards you follow on Pinterest, or good Pins with tutorials, send them to me!!!

11 thoughts on “The World Is Still Full Of Surprises!”

  1. I LOVE coloring in coloring books, but it’s hard to carry books and crayons everywhere I go. I’m intrigued in the zentangles and going to look into it. Thanks!!!

  2. I stumbled over a Zentangle book in a store a few weeks ago and bought in on a whim, because I thought I could use the meditative outlet. When I looked into it, the whole Zentangle thing (everything attatched with this name) seemed a bit phony to me, in the “you have to do it THIS way using THIS expensive pen on THIS special expensive paper” which turned me off and I didn’t even give it a try. Which is stupid, because the idea of doodling with some kind of structure to it, still seems like a good way to relax and calm my nerves. As you just proved it. Thanks for that!

    *off to searching for some blank paper and some inspiration*

  3. I’ve been reading your blog for so many years, because I can relate to so much you write about. And apparently doodling is another thing that I can deeply relate to, because when I was in high school I doodled on everything. I can’t really draw, at all, but I used to love to doodle around the edges of all my notebooks. In different colored pens.

    I find it soothing, and it actually helps me not stress eat as much (I ate an entire box of Krispy Kremes the other day cause I was having an anxiety attack), but haven’t done it in years.

    Just spent like 2o minutes on pinterest, now I’m obsessed. Off to order a cute sketch journal and colored pens because DOODLING!

  4. I’m w/Jenn ^^. I can relate to a lot and doodling is one. I have now started to doodle/zendoodle/zentangle myself, but can’t find a pen I like. I do see “micron” being used a lot, but mine are super duper fine…

    You influence me in the best ways (running, bullet journal-ing, blogging – not so much anymore, but…) and also the worst – feeding into my stationery/office supply, now washi tape and now hunting for the right pens addiction… i swear sometimes i think you’re my sister from a past life. lol

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