I Can See Clearly Now…That The Cat Is Out Of My Way

The title of this entry has NOTHING to do with the content within. My cat was just sitting between me and the keyboard for a good chunk of this entry so when she finally moved I thought I’d celebrate with a nonsensical title. I’m pretty sure I’ll be teaching a class soon about How To Title Your Articles To Get The Most Clicks.

Random Thoughts On Current Events

  • I am a big supporter of dying with dignity. My Dad chose to die by kidney failure, essentially, because he didn’t want to stretch out life/drag out death in a broken body by going to dialysis ever few days. His decisions and then his dying forced me to look into my own heart about life/death/dying. While a big part of me is still hurt that a longer life in a weak body was not appealing enough for him to stick around, the part that completely understands the decisions seems to actually grow every year he’s gone. I thought about Donnie’s Ironman and how, if Dad had just stuck it out with dialysis, maybe he could have seen that. But then it hit me: His body was so broken with microfractures over his skeleton, that he couldn’t have run around the day with us and that would have depressed him totally. Those moments, imagining him in that horribly pained body that I saw him use after he left the hospital, trying to live life how he liked to live it? Those moments help me understand his decision. And while it wasn’t as concrete of a choice to take medicine to end his life, like Brittany Maynard did, it was still a choice to die. And he could have lived much longer than she could have. But his quality of life would have not been where he could have enjoyed it, and that is something I think about often. When I imaging him here with us watching soccer games, or races, I remember how hard it was walking around and having to use a can and his frustration over not being able to carry his backpack…and I get it. I really do.
  • I get REALLY frustrated by how few people vote in non-presidential elections. I am a liberal – but I don’t vote straight democrat because I believe in many local elections “party” doesn’t matter. I never call myself a “democrat” for that reason. But in Alabama we have TONS of amendments added to our constitution on a regular basis. It is out of control. And they are SO unnecessary. But because they sometimes rile up the extremes, they get passed because moderates don’t seem to care to vote on these minor election days. In Alabama you have to really dig to find explanations of candidates and ballots, it’s not easy, but I really hope everyone does their part in their state and votes today. We really need to improve voting in this country. It bothers me that people are SO OPINIONATED but very few actually vote during any election but the Presidential ones.
  • Okay. So I could only think about TWO current events to write about. And that feels silly so I’m adding in a third bullet point where I talk about only having thoughts on two current events. That’s sad isn’t it? I should have more thoughts! Is it because it’s 4am? Is it because I’m spending too much time thinking about how much I love Super Hero Television? Is it because my brain has been fried from paint fumes? Why do I only have two thoughts about current events? Actually. I have many more thoughts. But nothing I can formulate into a bullet point.

Why did I not write about something FROM MY OWN PROMPTS. I’m sure it would have been much better than this crappy entry! I’m sending out daily NaBloPoMo prompts via email. If you want to get on the list, fill out the form on this entry. If you just need an idea for TODAY – enjoy this idea from today’s email prompt that was all about SPORTS/ATHLETICS: Do you wish you could participate in an athletic activity if time/money etc allowed? I’ve always wanted to play Roller Derby but it’s just never fit into my schedule.

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