FIRST Day of NaBloPoMo!

The “featured image” on today’s post has NOTHING to do with the content, is from the kid’s “Book Character Costumes” for school yesterday, aligned with the time E dressed as Ron. I’m basically building my own Dumbledore’s Army.


Today the theme is FIRSTS – because it’s the first day of NaBloPoMo (read more here) and it’s the first day of November!

Meme Me.

Back when I started blogging in 2004, blogging memes were your “Go To” when you needed something to write. One of them was forming an “About Me” acronym from the first letters of your name/blog name. Here’s mine!

  • M aternal
  • I ndustrious (I have industrious MOMENTS…but they’re not regular)
  • S ensitive
  • S tressed
  • Z any
  • O ptimistic
  • O bliging (Thank you internet.)
  • T hankful

First Curse Words

My kids all have so many cursing stories I can’t keep track. The reason why this is frustrating is that I don’t curse a lot! I don’t like cursing! I use the F-word in rare occasions and in specific company but beyond that I’m mainly a “Crap!” or a “Shit!” kind of girl. And I don’t even do that often. But our most RECENT cursing was just last night when Wes, out of the blue said, “G*d D@mmit!” It FLOORED me because I NEVER SAY THAT. No one does! I have no idea where he heard it! I SWEAR.

First Day on the Job

I worked as a telemarketer for awhile in college. I should have known it wasn’t going to go well when – on the FIRST DAY – I got called into the manager’s office for the ease at which I allowed callers to “decline” the offer. I worked there for about a month and I think I only had 2 successes the entire time. And we were selling Disney stuff! Should have been easy! I should have known from the first day that it was NOT my cup of tea.

I’m sending out daily NaBloPoMo prompts via email. If you want to get on the list, fill out the form on this entry. If you just need an idea for TODAY use anything I wrote about here, or enjoy this idea from today’s email prompt: What is your most memorable (good OR bad) FIRST date? OR What is your most memorable (good OR bad) FIRST day at a job?

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  1. Your kids look so awesome as Luna and Harry! And Ron when E was young. It is going to be so fun for all of you when you go to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter!!

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