Finding More Hours In My Day.

I’ve often p’shawed people (Totally made up that word…it’s when you “P’shaw!” at someone. Am I the only one that every says, “P’shaw!”? Well, then I guess I’m the only one who will ever “p’shaw someone” then.) who say things like, “I don’t see how you do it all!” Because I felt like I always spent PLENTY of time goofing off online or vegging out in front of the television to really feel like I was doing any more in one day than the average person.

But then I found myself up at 2:00am, hanging cabinet doors back up in E’s bathroom and I said to myself, I don’t see how you do it all!

As I slowly-but-surely work my way through my List Of Things To Do Before We Put The House On The Market, I realize that right now? I’m having trouble doing it all. Right now…there’s too much going on. Wes woke up with foot aches (calling them “leg cramps” anymore is false, for the last 6 months or so they’re isolated entirely in the foot) at 1am so I got up, gave him some ibuprofen, put him in the tub, and tried to go back to sleep. But I couldn’t because all my brain could do was think about all of the extra hours I had in my day if I got up RIGHT THAT SECOND and started working. I’ve been using my mornings and evenings to squeeze in chores and there was a part of my brain that thought YOU CAN DO SO MUCH MORE IF YOU GET UP NOW!. So, at 2am I was hanging cabinet doors.

This week hasn’t been great. I’ve been stress eating too much (After a whole FIVE DAYS of not stress eating! That was a record as of recent developments.) the last 4 days and I haven’t found any time to run that fits in with the daylight hours or the weather. I was going to try to run yesterday morning but the fog was so heavy and once the sun comes up, lights are useless so fog is actually more dangerous in the daylight than in the nighttime. So! No run. Also? I’m behind on my favorite TV shows. And I know that sounds silly but my TV is my escape and I don’t watch much anymore so I really want to find time to watch the shows I love.

(Oh, and then I broke my pinky toe. I mean, I don’t have an X-ray to tell me that the bone broke, but the purple, swelling, and pain are plenty. Especially since there’s NOTHING they can do about it but tape it to my other toe and send me on my way.)

(Don’t ask me how I did it.)

(Fine. I’ll tell you. I went to stand on a step ladder and put it on my toe. AND THEN STOOD ON THE LADDER. I know. It’s hard to imaging how one can do that. But that’s what I did. It hurt like hell. As my friend on FB said, now you all can learn from my mistake and always check under a ladder for your other foot before stepping onto said ladder. She also said I could have avoided this problem by using one of those rolling ladders you can get from places like Platforms and Ladders, but I don’t think I would get enough use out of it, so I will just have to try and be more careful.)


Too much to do, and I’m sacrificing things I don’t want to sacrifice. Like my runs.

SO! I’m making an executive decision and I’m not going to open any sort of social media on my computer. Now, I don’t play on the internet a lot. But, It is my “break” when I need it. See? If I only have like – 15 minutes of a break, maybe while I eat lunch, or when I’ve got some time before leaving to pickup the kids but not enough time to start another work task – I’ll open Facebook. The problem is, I have that 15 minute break SEVERAL times a day. So, at the end of the day, I’v wasted at least an hour on Facebook – IF NOT MORE. It occurred to me last night that if I hadn’t messed around on Facebook yesterday evening before bed, I could have EASILY caught up on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.. I couldn’t have run because…TOE…but still! Facebook did not actually help me cross anything off my list.

I love Facebook. I love staying updated on my friends and it’s how I communicate with a lot of my local groups. HOWEVER, saving it for the car-line on my phone, or for the bathroom when Wes is soaking in the tub, or just on my phone while I’m waiting for dinner to cook – all of those moments are PLENTY to stay caught up with my friends and my groups. I don’t need to sit down after the kids go to bed, Just for a minute and then – 5 Buzzfeed quizzes later – realize I’ve just spent an hour playing online instead of hanging up cabinet doors.

So. Social media is for the PHONE ONLY. That still gives me plenty of time but 99 times out of 100 when I’m using social media on my phone, I’m multi-tasking or waiting on something. So that time is not wasted. Whereas 99 times out of 100 when I’m using it on my computer, I could be painting or sweeping or cleaning windows.

At least until we get the For Sale sign in the yard. Or until my 9 pages of “To Do” in my bullet journal drops down a bit.

4 thoughts on “Finding More Hours In My Day.”

  1. Have you tried Magnesium lotion for Wes’s foot cramps? I have cramps in my legs/feet and my husband has plantars fasciatis and magnesium lotion helps a lot.
    I have to put it on every night before bed, in the trouble spots, my calves and quads and it has significantly reduced the quad cramps and eliminated completely the calf cramps.
    Most people are magnesium deficient, anyway, and applying it topically is one of the best ways to get it into your system.

    This is the one I use, only because it’s available locally. I’m sure you could find something different, being a bigger city/location.


    Have you talk to your ped about his night awakenings? Do you know what is causing them?


  3. That move where you put something on your foot and then STEP ON IT with your other foot? I have totally done that. Um, more than once. I can’t imagine how I haven’t broken any bones yet.

  4. I once broke my big toe stepping over a vacuum cleaner cord plugged in at counter height. I stepped over it twice successfully (including once carrying a baby), then the 3rd time I didn’t quite make it over. I have no idea why I didn’t unplug it! The vacuum cleaner wasn’t on.

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