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And So It Begins…

We signed a contract with a realtor this week to sell our house. We’re hoping to get the majority of the work WE need to do done in the next two weeks and hopefully have someone professional come over to do some of the stuff we can’t/don’t want to do. We’re hoping neither costs us too much out of pocket. Something I had seen online before we signed a contract with the realtor was the choice of selling your house for cash. But Is Selling Your House For Cash A Scam? SimpleSale helped me a lot with figuring out whether I was being scammed or whether this option of selling for cash was legitimate. Clearly, I decided selling for cash wasn’t for me and chose to sign with the realtor.

We signed the contract and got our “To Do” list on Monday and I started my full blown anxiety meltdown about 12 seconds later. There’s just SO MUCH that needs to be done to get it ready to sell and I was struggling where to “begin”. Also, I was struggling when to begin because – I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before – but we’re kinda busy. The whole reason we were motivated to sell this house to begin with is that it’s 4100 square feet and we have NO TIME to keep that size of house picked up or clean or organized. So, in order to SELL the house because we have NO TIME to care for it, we have to DO A LOT OF STUFF TO IT first.

I’m sure you see the problem.

featuredI did fork out the GIANT bucks for the really expensive paint from BEHR that they guarantee will only take one coat for E’s bathroom. It’s the worst of ALL painting situations. It’s orange. It’s textured. And it’s covered in Sharpie where he commemorated every show he was in by writing some of the lines he had on the walls of the bathroom. It was a cute idea until we decided to sell the house. But y’all? The paint might actually be working! You can’t really tell by this picture (paint was still wet when I took the photo) I don’t think, but that’s only ONE COAT and I’m doing it with a brush to make sure I get all of the weird texture covered and it’s going on smooth and I can’t see ANY of the orange under it. NO LIE. I really didn’t believe it would work, but I was okay with it keeping me to TWO coats because I’ve painted over red/orange before and it’s IMPOSSIBLE. So the fact that this looks like it’s going to work in ONE COAT – is a damn miracle.IMG_1807

This is the BIG project for me. Painting his bathroom. And I thought that was going to be the biggest pain in the ass, but after walking through the house and finding out what all we have to move, take down, hide? Nope. There are much bigger pains in the ass.

Although, I’ll admit, there were several things she said, “No! That’s fine! Leave it there!” which I was pleasantly surprised about. Like my plates hanging in my kitchen or our race wall. She was completely fine with that.

I sat down Wednesday with my bullet journal and organized every room on a page with a list of things I need to do. And that simple moment? Made my anxiety SO MUCH LESS. Just organizing it all somehow made it seem less overwhelming. It’s still six pages worth of stuff, but it seems a lot more doable when spread out in a list like that.

So. If you are local and find yourself thinking, “Wow. I really wish I knew someone who needed help cleaning/organizing/staging a house.” Then you know who to call.

If I’m absent here or anywhere online in the next few weeks, don’t panic. I’m just using my free time to do things like organize toys or stage bathrooms. (Who knew you needed to stage a bathroom?)

3 thoughts on “And So It Begins…”

  1. You can do it. Just take it one step at a time, dive into the work instead of the stress, and celebrate with lots of crossing off of items when completed.

  2. I’m just blown away by the 4100 square feet. I know you mentioned before that your house was large but i never realised how large. Only now i put that number through a converter and thats almost 400m2! My house is about a third of that and i have already problems keeping it not too messy!

  3. I organized my house-selling list by room too (using Evernote on the iPhone/iPad, but similar idea). It was SO HELPFUL to have everything for each room on a separate list.

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