Would Gum Have Been Better Or Worse?

If my hair has been “controlled” since the last time it was wet, in like a bun or a braid, then I can do a french braid in my hair for a run. That’s my ideal running hairstyle but not always possible if I wore my hair down since the last time it was wet. My hair naturally becomes very dreadlocked if it’s not contained and you don’t want to try to break about dreads while french braiding. I have a tough head but even THAT is too tough for me.

I decided, since yesterday was raining so it warranted me wearing a visor, to just do one french braid down the back. And while the BRAID always looks good, the END after the rubberband always looks weird. It’s always just this strange poofy sprout so I try to fold it back up on itself in the rubberband to make it look better.


Which I did not remember yesterday.

I came home after four hours in drizzle/fog and my hair was sweaty/wet and I just went to yank the rubberband out as usual. And that one single motion did more damage than I could know. The second the rubberband did NOT come out as I expected I remember what I had done. BUT IT WAS TOO LATE. I tried my best to untangle the mess but after pulling out and breaking more hair than was left in the rubberband, I decided to call in Nikki as a surgeon and she cut it out.

1959302_10153193444273496_7922232997423023640_nThank all that is holy that I have curly hair and I don’t think it’s too obviously where she cut it. Of course Donnie was all, “Your hair isn’t even anyway.” To which I replied,”It’s a short bob growing out making weird length layers…IT IS NOT UNEVEN.”

But yeah, it’s uneven anyway. The back of my hair is all sorts of weird craziness right now as the short cut grows out and I don’t want to even trim it to even it out at all. Partly because I’m lazy. Partly because I’m cheap about cosmetic stuff. Partly because the mess is in the BACK and I never see the back of it. And Partly because I don’t wear my hair down much so it doesn’t matter anyway.

But yesterday? I was very glad for the chaos that is my hair, both when it’s “even” and when it’s “not” because the giant chunk that is now missing is barely noticeable.

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  1. Your hair is gorgeous! I love it. I lost most of my curls when I got pregnant almost 2 years ago and I miss them!

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