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Fall Television Is Here!

This is our second FALL TV Season starting without cable. We turned it off some time last summer so the Fall Season wasn’t too blind for us as we had been seeing premier commercials for a bit. But this Fall? I have NO idea what new shows are starting. We’ve only just got a new TV aerial fitted by local aerial installers in Wrexham! We’ve not watched normal TV in so long. Unless it’s featured on a Netflix or Hulu ad, the only way I hear about it is if it shows up on my Twitter or Facebook feeds. So…am I trying any new shows this season? Only one: Flash.

I’ve been following Grant Gustin’s career since he played a small-but-important role on Glee, giving us a gay male character who was confident and masculine. It was nice to see. He did a few small things after that but when they cast him as Barry Allen for a two-episode arc on Arrow to introduce him for a new show, I was SO EXCITED. And from the moment we saw him rushing to the scene, obviously late, I thought this guy really is Barry Allen! He played the character PERFECTLY and I was so excited to see him take the stage this year.

It is NO SECRET that I’m a superhero fan. I love all superhero movies and television. I will give it a chance every time and most times I stick with it. Superman has always been my least favorite because I grew up with Christopher Reeves and no TV show or movie since has compared to how much I adored him. I didn’t even try to stick with Smallville or Louis & Clark. I like the more recent attempt – Man of Steel – better than anything I’ve seen since I was a kid but probably because it felt SO DIFFERENT that I didn’t long for my childhood Superman.

But – for the most part? I love it all. So I am very biased.

BUT FLASH WAS SO GOOD. EEK. I loved Iris, I loved the team at S.T.A.R. Labs, I love Grant Gustin who feels so much like comic book Barry Allen that it’s just weird. I love it all. It’s the one and only new show I’ve committed to watching and I’m so glad because it was SO GOOD!

I also watched Arrow which never disappoints, and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. which almost lost me a bit last year before it gained it’s momentum. This new season seems to already have some interested character shifts and I’m pulled back in immediately.

Like I said, I love my superhero shows.

I also have a couple of sitcoms that made me laugh this week. Modern Family which always seems like a hit or miss for me. I never hate an entire episode but there’s often storylines that make me irritable. But, on the flip side, there’s always storylines that I love too and the Pilot was GREAT because I loved the “Summer of Fun Without Alex!” storyline and the “Jay doesn’t put any effort into his appearance” storyline. The “Lily’s smile is crazy” storyline wasn’t great…but like I said, there’s always one that irks me. Brooklyn Nine-Nine also cracked me up and I’m really glad Hulu reminded me of it or else I wouldn’t have even thought to pull it up.

I think that’s all I’m watching so for. I’m weeks behind on Doctor Who if that tells you how little I’ve been watching TV lately. The only show I pull up anymore just because is Drunk History because A) It cracks me up and B) It requires no commitment. The episodes stand alone. I used to keep the TV on while I worked on my laptop in my bedroom but my laptop has been crapping out on me so I don’t even have it playing in the background anymore. That means I’m not even watching a lot of my favorite late night TV (in the morning) anymore. TV is a weird thing for me lately. I have to make a conscious decision to set aside time to watch it, so it needs to either be something I just love, and something I can watch with the kids so it can be our snuggle time. I don’t watch any “adult” TV for that reason, even though I really want to check out Transparent that everyone is talking about. But it’s hard to find time without the kids to sit and watch TV, so that show will be put on the back burner for now.

Are you watching anything new this season? What about old? Since I don’t have cable can you tell me what I might need to watch that I haven’t heard about yet?

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  1. The only internet provider in this area is a cable company that requires you to have the smallest amount of channels on your TV in order for you to have internet. (We also have an antenna.) So while we would prefer to turn off the cable, we can’t. But that’s ok. We rarely turn it on. But I still watch a lot of shows on delay on Hulu or I use my in-law’s password to watch directly from the websites. I have ways of watching Dr. Who via the internet and we are looking forward to watching Korra as a family online soon. But as for new TV, I started to watch the Red Band Society because of Octavia Spencer (she went to HS with my husband) but I had a hard time keeping up with it. I wanted to watch Gracepoint because David Tennant, but I am watching Broadchurch first, because David Tennant with a Scottish accent.

  2. In reference to your post on podcasts earlier– you should check out Stephen Amell’s (The Arrow) episode of Aisha Tyler’s Girl on Guy podcast. It’s pretty quick and illustrated what a stand up guy he is.

  3. Not a new show, but The Middle is consistently funnier than Modern Family IMO. If you’ve never checked it out, you should!

  4. I actually came here to say the same thing! I like and watch Modern Family, too, but if I had to choose I would keep The Middle. I suspect it takes two or three of them for the characters to grow on you, but they do indeed. We also like the Mindy Project, though I’m on the fence about this season so far.

  5. I watched “The Flash” the other day and liked it. I think the kids might too if you can find it on HULU or something like that. Episode 1 of “Gracepoint” was good. I’ve got the other one on tape.
    I must be the only person who likes Red Band Society. But I do……….

  6. We ditched cable 4 years ago and haven’t looked back. This year for Fall season, our new shows are:

    Flash & Gotham (hubby’s interest area)
    Scorpion – team of geniuses create a special FBI team to fight crime, great characters
    Forever – immortal NYC coroner, similar to Highlander concept

    As for older shows, we’re into:
    Elementary – take on Sherlock Holmes with Lucy Liu; 3 seasons
    Covert Affairs – CIA agent; 5 seasons
    Perception – schizophrenic helps the FBI; 3 seasons

  7. I’m de-lurking to say that you have to check out “Black-ish”. We watch it on Hulu and it’s absolutely hilarious. It’s a sitcom so no real time commitment.

  8. I should have read your whole post. Then I wouldn’t feel so stupid..but while I’m here.. “Perception” is one of the best shows on TV. They’re on in the summer so I forget about it. I’m sure Hulu or Netflix has it. It’s been on for 3 years…

  9. Outlander. Of course the fall season just finished. But the books are amazing and they’re doing a great job with the series.

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