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10 Days.

Since we came back from our trip to Chattanooga (Must. Write. Spectating. Report.) I have basically been stress-eating everything in sight. It has been REALLY embarrassing. I can trace the stress, no problem (boring stress, not worth writing about) – but I can’t seem to make it STOP. I’ve been trying to meditate some lately, but I keep forgetting to download the podcasts so many of you recommended so I still find myself ditching the effort 17 seconds in because TOO MANY STRESSFUL THINGS.

BUT! BUT! BUT! I have a marathon in 10 days! So time to get my SHIT TOGETHER, Yo.

Ten Days.

I’m not as prepared as I was last year. I’m having trouble scheduling my weekly runs so my base is not as strong. My problem is that I’m waking up SO early now that I have time to really get going on something for work so, putting it all down for a 5:30am run just does NOT work for me. I hate taking a break when I’m in the middle of something because my brain can’t ever seem to get back on track. I’m much more productive if I can take breaks when they feel NATURAL. But then I feel weird stepping away in the middle of the day. Yes, I know I start my work day most days before 5am, but STILL, I feel guilty when I step away for two hours in the middle of the day.

I know. It’s dumb. But it’s me.

So, those issues have kept my weekly runs to a minimum. I did one 20-mile long run a few weeks ago and I did a 19-mile long run this last Saturday. I have NO idea what I’m going to do this weekend. (I’m also kinda training by the seat of my pants.) I think I’d like to do at least 15, but who in the hell knows.

This is how you know I’ve been doing this awhile. Training plans? Pshaw. Stress? Pshaw. I’m just winging it here people.

But it’s time to get my act together. Donnie’s Ironman season is over so my training takes top billing in our lives. I get BOTH Saturday and Sunday mornings if I want them (YAY!) and I get other mornings too if I can figure out how to time successful breaks.

And starting today? I’m getting my eating on track. I don’t want to make my family drive to Chattanooga at the crack of dawn for a race I end up bonking because I’ve gained 10lbs in 2 weeks. I also want to clean out my system and start hydrating properly because I haven’t been doing that just…in general.

This “race” is not a race. I won’t be doing it for time. I’d like to beat last year’s 5-hour time, but I’m not going to try to beat it by much. I’d like to hang with the 5-hour pacer (assuming there is one) until the last few miles and then just pick up the pace slightly. NBD. It’s just a 26-mile training run for my 50K in November so I don’t want to kill myself doing it.

I got on the trails last Sunday for the first time since April. It was FANTABULOUS. I’m happy to be gearing back up to Ultra Season and I’m ready to get my eating back on track so my body can power me through the miles on my calendar more easily.

Ten Days. Let’s see if I can do this. Boom.

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  1. I’ll be right there with you in the marathon! My training hasn’t been what I’d hoped it would be either. I ran 20 on Sep 28th and 17 on Sep 20, but because of our Grand Canyon backpack trip, the last two weekends haven’t included much running at all. I was encouraged that I could run 5.5 miles right after backpacking out a really rough trail that took forever! But I’m not at all sure what sort of time I can run on Sunday. I had wanted to try for sub-4:40 to get the Mountain Mist qualifier out of the way, but I also don’t want to jeopardize finishing Dizzy. Maybe we can work together and keep each other going like in Grand Viduta!

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