Helllllooooo Tornado Sirens!

First of all…please…anyone who commented on the “Put Back In Draft For Editing” entry from yesterday…do not think it was your “fault”. It just caused me to re-read it and realized I spent WAY more time talking about specific issues causing me guilt THAT DAY than I meant to. I wanted to write an entry about how atheists/humanists/agnostics feel guilt too – how it’s not just a religious thing – but I was still feeling SO GUILTY about my own infractions from the week that the entry focused WAAAAY more on those than I really wanted so it is BETTER the entry go back in draft. It’s a GREAT subject to write about but I need to make it a GENERAL topic and write if AFTER I’m past the examples I’m using :). Thank you! The entry will return! But with less focus on my stupid personal guilt issues!

Second of all…WHAT ABOUT THAT HAIR? HUH? SEXY. The tornado sirens went off at 3am this morning and I typically wake up between 3 and 4 so it seemed REALLY silly to go back to sleep after that.

Third of all…I’ve decided to make a short trip South to check on E after he had his Wisdom Teeth removed yesterday. It felt SUPER-weird knowing he was going through that without me there, but he has a good support network down there and they took good care of him. They even obliged me with “He’s fine!” texts after the fact. Of course, he was snapchat-ing as well and THOSE were particularly hilarious.

Fourth of all…(I have no idea why I’m continuing with this weird method of delineation)…I get to officially start my training this weekend! Back to back long runs on Saturday and Sunday for the first time since Spring! Yay! And Sunday I get to do it on the TRAILS. I’m praying I’ve waited long enough that the snakes will be gone. We’re starting back up our “No Runner Left Behind” trail running group. If you’re local, you should join us! I’m so happy that the training baton has been passed, I’ll commemorate it officially with my wrap-up post from Ironman sometime this weekend. BLOG POSTS ON THE WEEKENDS! SO FUN!

Fifth of all…I discovered Soy Lattes. I’ve never been a Starbucks kind of girl. I like MY coffee in MY house with MY mixin’s. But we stayed in a hotel that had a Starbucks this weekend so I thought I’d give them a try and OH MY GOD…SO GOOD. I really wish I hadn’t discovered that. SERIOUSLY.

Okay. I think that’s it for my 3am Tornado Siren Post Of Miscellany. Happy Friday.

3 thoughts on “Helllllooooo Tornado Sirens!”

  1. I really enjoyed the deleted post too! Thank you for sharing it and please return it with minimal changes–it was fine the way you wrote it. I was frustrated with someone yesterday and should have handled it more gently than I did. Your post reminded me of that.
    I love your blog and reading about your journey. You are awesome and an inspiration to me. Thank you!

  2. First – I read your entry yesterday and don’t see how anyone could be offended.
    Second – wisdom teeth – both of my kids said some pretty funny stuff before the anesthesia wore off!
    Third – snakes???!!!! – I guess it would make me run faster, but I might have a heart attack first!

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