Farewell, Bullet Journal Volume III

If you’re new to bullet journals…here is a good primer to my particular method and why I like it. Here is a follow-up to what I started doing differently once I got used to the method. Here is my write-up celebrating ONE WHOLE YEAR to using this method. And here is the review of the Rickshaw case I ordered for my bullet journal.

It’s my favorite time of the year! It’s new Bullet Journal Day!

Well, technically it’s tomorrow but for the sake of the blog…It’s Today!

One of the things I hated about conventional planners and calendars is that you only get to feel that thrill of a new one once a year. Or, if you’re me, you buy new ones several times a year to get that “new” feeling, defeating the purpose of them all together. But with a bullet journal, when you fill it up? You get a new one! It took me 6 months to fill volumes 1 and 2 but since I started using mine as a scrapbook (still the BEST. IDEA. EVER.) I filled this one up in less than 3 months. And normally I would start a new one on the first of the month but I only have about 3 pages left in volume 3 and we’re about to take a big trip with lots of notes and such, so I decide to start the new bullet journal tomorrow, the day we leave.


One thing I ended up doing with this volume was putting washi tape along the edges of the “work” pages. We’ve had some big projects launch recently at Capra Strategy and I wanted an easy way to spot a page with work info that I’ll need to reference later. I also wrote “Capra” in the corner and highlighted it orange. I normal don’t have that many work reference pages in a row, but this was necessary with my last month or so of chaos. I love that you can SEE the chaos in the increased density of washi-covered pages.

Trying Something New

I’m trying something new with this next Bullet Journal. It may be a one-time thing (Perk! You can change methods in 3’ish months if you hate it!) but someone told me THEY do it this way so I thought I’d give it a try. I’m working in TWO DIFFERENT DIRECTIONS in my bullet journal. You open it the normal way and you’ll see the index with the calendar pages and I’ll put my daily pages consecutively going in that direction. BUT! Flip the journal over and work upside-down and backwards and you’ll see a DIFFERENT index page with my reference pages listed. This seems like an interesting way to do it with some perks, but it also could be a PAIN IN THE ASS. Especially since I use a cover for mine.


When you meet the two sections together, the books is done. I don’t know, it seems like a more efficient way to organize things but it might not be worth flipping over constantly…I’ll let you know if I like it in 3 months, okay?

Until then…feast your eyes on one year of my life displayed awesomely on my shelf. THIS…this is my favorite thing about the bullet journal. It creates a gorgeous archive that makes me look all interesting and shit.


3 thoughts on “Farewell, Bullet Journal Volume III”

  1. I’ve started a bullet journal — but I keep losing my extra tabs. My notebook doesn’t have a pocket; might need to make one out of duct tape or something. Anyway, I love it so far!!

  2. Would you be so kind as to make calendar pages for 2015? I’m getting ready to start another journal myself and I LOVE the calendar pages you made for 2014! As a special thank you if you e-mail me your address I will mail you a new moleskin book!

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