The Future Is Not Here Yet. In Case You Were Wondering.

Hey! I have an idea! Let’s quit setting the “scheduled” posts in WordPress because Zoot is too dumb to understand complicated things like “the future”.

Spoiler Alert: WE ARE NOT IN 2015 YET. If you set a post to publish in 2015, IT WILL NOT DO IT UNTIL 2015. I have made this mistake several times now, yet still, it continues!

Let’s recap, shall we?

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First! It’s Soccer Season! Wesley aged up to U8 and Nikki aged up to U10 and y’all? U10 is SO MUCH FUN. This is almost like REAL soccer. There’s a goalie (and we have some kickass goalies) and the girls understand field positioning and strategy and adapt in the moment and there’s some INSANE levels of athleticism. It’s great. I have loved watching her and her team SO MUCH. Wes is doing well too, they’re playing longer quarters this year in U8 and it does require a little bit more of an understanding of the game and not just, “Crowd the ball…try to score.”

I will say this – it is really difficult to wrangle two kids for soccer when most days we only have one free parent. Donnie and I are always both training for SOMETHING and we have to squeeze in our training during our non-work hours (obviously) so, most days, one of us needs to be doing a workout overlapping with one game or practice. I’m taking all practices right now but Saturday mornings, one of us ALWAYS has to be doing SOMETHING. Luckily, Nikki’s coach lives down the road so when there are simultaneous games at different ball parks (Yep. That’s fun.) they can help us out. This past weekend Donnie was finished with his bike ride before soccer started and I did my run afterwards. He took Wes’s game as he saw Nikki last, and I took Nikki’s. It’s weekends like this where I’m grateful we didn’t squeeze in another kid after Wesley. At least now we’re one-to-one.

photo 2We used Sunday Family Dinner this week to wish Good Luck to Donnie at his Ironman on Saturday. The entire family (his parents, brother, sister and their counterparts) all donned #TeamDonnie shirts as a surprise. We also all wrote him a “Good Luck” letter and he’s choosing one blindly every day this week as encouragement to build up to his race on Sunday. If you care about such things, feel free to follow me on Instagram which is probably where I’ll be posting my updates. You can also track him with the My Athlete Live tracker ap on your phone OR you can check his progress at the Ironman website. They always have live feeds set up for race day and if you’ve never watched the finish line of an Ironman? I highly recommend it. We often gather the family around our computer to watch our friends and it’s weirdly riveting to watch strangers accomplish a task this daunting. So many different reactions at the finish line! But all of them having just traversed 140.6 miles – so it’s awe inspiring.

This week involves a lot of me at the computer trying to do catch up (we had a BIG project at work culminate last week – EEK! So proud and excited! http://www.flbba.com! Check it out!) so that I can take half a day off Friday and half a day off Monday surrounding Donnie’s Ironman. It’s a big week in our family. I’m sure you have at least one sappy, “My husband is so amazing!” entry to look forward to before and after this event.

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