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Quite Possibly The World’s Most Embarrassing Story.

I’m writing two entries today. This one and the one that was SUPPOSED to be published yesterday but I set the month to October instead of September so I’m going to set it to kick live later today. Today is September, right?

Nikki had an embarrassing moment at school yesterday. The kind of embarrassing moment that had her crying in the car on the way home, because she was trying to hold it in all day. The kind of embarrassing moment that was SO easy to imagine that I started crying with her! I told her all of my embarrassing moments (The one that made me want to die the most: Walking across a basketball court in a full gym before a game, with a boy who I had given my heart, and I tripped and fell in front of him and the rest of the gym. To this day it still gives me a tiny flicker of pain.) to try to explain to her that I REALLY understood how she felt. I knew that pain.

And then…later that night…when it was dark and stormy…

(It was not dark and stormy. I don’t know what happened there.)

I sat down to watch Grace Helbig’s latest video portion of her HYSTERICAL “Not Too Deep – With Grace Helbig” podcast and she interview Louise who I don’t know from her YouTube channel but I’ve seen on several collabs and she seems FANTASTIC. Well! One of the questions was about her most embarrassing moment and y’all? SHE WINS ALL OF THE PRIZES. (Fast forward to 3:00 if you just want to hear the embarrassing moment story.) Try to listen to the last bit while they’re both laughing, there’s a final tidbit at the very end that pushed me over the edge laughing hysterically.

Nikki was actually sitting next to me watching this and her face…her face was PRICELESS. Like, you could tell she was thinking: Okay. I’m still upset by what happened today but THIS GIRL WINS THE PRIZE. And we were both thinking, Dear God, Please don’t let anything like that ever happen to me, okay?

So. Bookmark the video. If anyone you ever know actually wants to die from embarrassment…IT COULD BE WORSE.

6 thoughts on “Quite Possibly The World’s Most Embarrassing Story.”

  1. I watched that last night too! I am glad that it helped her.

    I LOVE Louise by the way. I think you’d like her channels (she has a main channel and an extra channel where she does daily vlogs)

  2. Louis is so funny, you should definitely check out her channel. She even said that she is the champion of getting into awkward and embarrassing situations.

  3. Debi – Can you not see it embedded in this post? I can see the one! If not – try this link:

  4. Weird. It won’t let me post the link…just embed the video! Try going to and see her most recent video!

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