Crazy Cat Lady

I am constantly seeing memes or cartoons or articles shared online where they complain about “those” people on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram. Maybe the are mocking people who post about every run they do (ME!) or Moms who constantly brag on their kids (ME TOO!) or pitiful family members who post 900 pictures of their dogs/cats (GUILTY) or nerds who post YouTube videos every five seconds (OVER HERE!). Yeah – basically – any time I see an article/cartoon/meme mocking “those” Facebookers, or Tweeters, or Instagram accounts I’m all, “THAT’S ME!”

So! What I’m hoping is that I do it ALL so it never becomes annoying because my annoying habits are PLENTIFUL! Annoying isn’t as annoying if you do it in several different ways, right?

That said…Here’s a picture of my cat!

Her name is Sunflower and she has an interesting personality. She grew up with Donnie’s dogs so in some ways we used to say she thought she was a dog. She would cuddle with them and eat with them and never really seemed to notice they were different from her. She doesn’t flinch when family brings their dogs over and doesn’t care when we dogsit. (My other cat – Bambi – tolerates our dogs but if any other dogs come over? He harasses them as if to say, “I allow the ones who live her but I will NOT allow others.”)

But Sunflower is still quite anti-social. You can go days without seeing her, and when you DO see her, it’s a glimpse past your feet as you walk into the room. She seems to like being away from us most of the times.

BUT! When she wants attention? You better be ready for it because she’s going to demand. She’ll hop on your lap wherever you are and insist that you rub her head/belly/back. And then she leaves and you won’t see her again.

There are certain places in the house where I can lay down in certain ways and call for her and she’ll come to me. If I’m on the couch upstairs, on my belly, she’ll come sleep on my back. If I’m on my bed downstairs, on my back, she’ll come sleep on my belly.

She’s a weird cat, but she is predictable.

WELL! This week she has been totally throwing me for a loop. She NEVER comes to me at my desk but she’s been visiting me frequently there this week. She’s hopped up in my lap for love, she’s harassed me at my keyboard and she’s even just hung out and napped here…TWICE. It’s the weirdest thing and the Person Who Watched Someone Die in me is totally freaked out that she’s sick.

(This entry took a turn for the sad quickly, didn’t it?)

She is 14-15 years old. I rescued her as a partner for Bambi shortly after Donnie and I stared dating in early 2000. I don’t think she’s sick, there’s really not any other signs of illness, but man…when humans are dying you get to read a lot about how their mind can react in the end to create a totally different personality, and my brain is remembering all of that literature from when Dad was in hospice and I find myself thinking: This is it. She’s dying.

But I’m going to push those depressing thoughts to the side and just enjoy the sudden change in socialization. This office is sometimes lonely, it’s nice to have company periodically.

4 thoughts on “Crazy Cat Lady”

  1. The flip side: she feels all the stress you’ve been undergoing and is attempting to soothe you with attention and love.

  2. Aww Sunflower! I recently found your blog through a search for bullet journals and stuck around 🙂 I’m a cat lady too and got really sad reading this. Enjoy soaking up all the extra love from Sunflower. You can never take too many pictures!

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