My New Favorite Educational Video Channel

(If you don’t read/watch YouTube videos at all then this blog post will bore you to death. I’m sorry.)

(If you know about the Big History Project already and want to skip to my plea for YouTubers to have a DeLurking Day, I don’t mind.)

Have you heard of the Big History Project? It’s a genius concept that makes me wonder: Why did I never think about this as it applied to all of my history curriculums in school?

ALL of our history classes involve humans. And all of those lessons involve things that happen on this planet that humans were able to write about.


Basically, The Big History Project is a collection of lessons and YouTube videos dedicated to covering ALL of the history of the planet. And it turns out that my favorite educational video sibling duo (They’re my FAVORITE, because there are SO MANY educational video sibling duos) has created a set of videos for the project! Crash Course Big History!


The first video taught me so much like…why can’t we answer the question, “What came before the Big Bang?” It’s AMAZING and I just wanted to share it with you today. There’s a whole playlist, watch them with the kids! They’re awesome!


There needs to be a DeLurking Day on YouTube

Do any of you word bloggers (as opposed to VIDEO bloggers) remember when Sheryl from Paper Napkin created De-Lurking day? Basically it was a day where we word bloggers openly recognized that there were people who never commented and asked them to come out from hiding to say, “Hi!” It was mainly to boost our egos for a day to let us know there were people reading our words, but it also eased the guilt of lurkers because they commented once a year! That was plenty!

I am the BIGGEST YouTube lurker. I watch TONS of videos, subscribe to SEVERAL channels and never (rarely?) ever comment. I think I have commented once or twice in the last few years, but NEVER is accurate enough to describe my commenting habits relative to how many videos I actually watch.

I think YouTubers need to start a DeLurking day! I think John and Hank Green and Nerdfighteria would be a GREAT place to start. One day where they encourage people who watch their videos in silence to just leave ONE comment saying, “Hi! I’m a lurker! I’m going back into hiding now!” Because I don’t know how to start comment at YouTube and I feel like that would take the pressure off of me. YouTube comment sections are filled with mean and scary people on many of the videos I watch, and I hate I let that keep me from commenting. I would be motivating if it was an organized effort to call me out of my hiding spot! DeLurking Day on YouTube! The day where scared/shy people like me can come and say, “I watch all of your videos! Don’t forget I’m here even though I never ever comment!”

Take the word blogger idea and run with it, YouTube! It could be HUGE!

(Mainly I’m just scared to leave comments at YouTube and need someone to guilt me into it.)

2 thoughts on “My New Favorite Educational Video Channel”

  1. My children LOVE crash course and sci show. It is so wonderful what the Green brothers are doing. I can’t wait to check out this new site.

  2. Hi- I’m de-lurking (or at least I think I haven’t commented before). Big History Project looks awesome, but I wanted to see what other recommendations you have for kid’s educational video channels and/or apps? Mine (7.5 and 6) are right around the age of yours, so I figured you might have some great suggestions. Thanks!

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