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HAHHAHAHAHA! I wrote this post this a.m. but accidentally published it as a PAGE instead of a POST so it didn’t show up on my Feed. I AM AN IDIOT.

I’ve written before about how strongly I believe in the idea that the world gives me what I put into it. But, no matter how strong I believe in it – I still struggle, especially around my kids, to remember this. Some days, through my interactions with those two alone, I dump giant 50 gallon tubs of SHIT into the world and wonder why it trickles back my way.

BUT STILL! I have Faith in the Power of the Positive Ripples.

(Completely different from the Power of Positive Nipples. Don’t get the two confused.)

(Oh My God. I just cracked myself up with that line. So much so that I added it to the title.)

(WARNING: I’m writing this at 2:30am on a Sunday before we have to leave at 4:30am for 70.3 race of Donnie’s. My evaluation of “humor” is probably a little off.)

ANYWAY! One of the subtle changes I’ve been trying to make in my life to promote this idea of Spreading Joy into the world, is to follow through on kind ideas. Sometimes I’ll think, “I should send her a sympathy card…” or “I should buy that for him…” or “I should send her a message telling her I think X is an awesome thing about her…” but I never follow through. I get these GREAT moments of inspiration to spread the joy into someone’s life, but then I don’t do anything about it. Sometimes it’s because it’s an expensive idea so – you know – I can’t really follow through there. But, often it’s something free or just affordable, a small gesture to show someone I’m thinking about them, or that I care. And I used to be SO BAD about just letting those ideas fall to the wayside and never actually seeing them through.

But these last few weeks I’ve been REALLY trying to follow-thru more. I’m not setting out to THINK of positive things to do in other people’s lives…I’m not that enlightened (yet?) – but when the ideas come to me, I don’t just let them drift into the ether without any action. Perfect example: I saw a grocery item at the store recently that reminded me of a conversation a friend and I had and I thought, “I should bring this to him!” It wasn’t anything expensive or special or even too unique (I mean, it was a Target, we’re not talking about exotic produce or anything) but it just made me think it would make my friend smile. I left the store without it, which is my natural instinct when I get one of these ideas. Just to let it pop into my head, and then pop out without seeing any action.

BUT! The next time I was at Target? I did it. I bought the silly grocery item and then I went directly and gave it to my friend while he was at work. Bam. It didn’t take hardly any time or money and it gave him the biggest smile. Mission Accomplished.

Those ideas pop into my head all the time, and I can’t always follow through. BUT – since I’ve been more conscience of them – I’ve realized that there are plenty I can follow through on, and I have. I’m not great at it (yet?), but I’ve done it a few times in the last month, so I feel like it’s getting to be more habitual than it was before. Also, I now find that the ideas are popping into my head more. Sometimes they’re too expensive or I just don’t have the time, but if I encourage those ideas by following through on them when I can, they pop into my head more often.

And now I think I’d like to take it to another level. I’d like to come up with some generic “Nice Things” items to do/make so that, when I want to send somebody a positive thought or kind gesture, I can consult my pinterest board (which is currently empty) and just pick an idea to do it. Or if I feel like there’s been a lot of sadness in my community, I can find an idea to spread joy on a wider level. I just love the idea of taking small steps that make a big impact in the life of people. My dark days have been brightened so often by gestures of love and kindness, I consider it my job to send that type of energy back into the universe.

REAL TIME EXAMPLE: After that paragraph I just wrote I went to add things to the Pinterest board just to make it have SOMETHING and found a great idea about make hearts so – instead of just pinning it – I ordered some sculpey on Amazon (On sale! Cheaper than at Michaels!) and it will be here Tuesday. I have already decided to send one in a note to my kid’s room moms to thank them for their time/efforts. SEE! Great idea and I am taking the actions to actually see it through. And that $20 on clay will make, I’d say – 100 hearts. And the kids can help! Then those moments take no time because we’ll have a stash of hearts to send!

So. If you have any ideas for this type of thing, Random Acts Of Kindness type things, please send them my way. I can actually add you to that board if you’d like, but I’m not going to just randomly add people without their permission. Then I’m just a #SpreadingJoy bully and no #PositiveNipples will be created.

(Hee. Still funny.)

6 thoughts on “#SpreadingJoy #PositiveNipples”

  1. So here is my tangential question:

    Do you find that doing those things creeps other people out? Because I often stop myself from acting on those impulses because I’ve found that they sometimes make people uncomfortable. And I can’t distinguish between when it would be welcome and when it would be Totally Creepy. I expect it’s some function of how well they know you, how much they like you , how expensive/valuable the thing is perceived to be, and (probably the biggie) how much burden they feel to reciprocate.

    I don’t feel that I HAVE to do something for somebody just because they did something nice for me, but I do find that I need to have warm feelings toward them so as not to resent them. But even in cases where I think the other person and I get along, I’ve gotten negative reactions.

  2. I have never had a negative reaction and people have done those things for me and have made my day/week/life/month and so it never occurs to me that anyone would have any other reaction. They optimist in me would like to try to convince you that maybe the negative reaction was misinterpretted by you because I’m sad to imagine that any of my gestures of joy would have a negative effect, but I’m sure you aren’t doing that, it’s just a survival reaction on my part. I kinda don’t want to believe that’s a possibility to be honest! It would break my heart. But that’s selfish of me, I should consider it.

    But I also don’t think I’ve ever done anything for anyone that would come off as need to be reciprocated at all. I’m not sure. Honest-to-god, as high-anxiety and socially awkward as I am – it never occurred to me that my gestures could be ill-received or creepy. And I would hope if it ever happened, all of the positive feedback or energy I’ve gotten would outweigh it because that is the point – to add positive energy into the world, not negative energy. So, I would assume, if I felt like I was adding negative energy into the world I would have to stop doing it, you know? Because it’s not a gesture to make ME feel good about myself, it’s to make the recipient happy enough to spread positive join in their life. So, while I didn’t answer your question at all, I do have to say that I’m a little bit more aware/paranoid now and I’ll have to make sure I don’t get so wrapped up in making ME happy that I forget to really make sure it made the other person happy. But, even now, analyzing past gestures I’ve given and received, I don’t think there was anything but positive energy growing out of them. I really hope I’m interpreting all of it properly.

  3. I love this idea too! I am so guilty of putting negative energy out there and I dump way too much of it on my sweet son. I don’t know why that is and I so want to stop!

  4. Oh no! Please don’t let my issues become your issues! This is a beautiful idea and I LOVE it. I will say this (1) I have not had this problem as an adult and (2) I think people in Alabama are very much more open to this sort of thing really truly being no strings attached as opposed to LA where I grew up.

    I suspect it was an issue of missing social cues and doing nice things for people who just weren’t that into me. It’s just that, having had that experience, now I always wonder and so it often stops me from doing things just because.

    So perhaps the way I should have phrased this was “I’m looking forward to hearing your stories because they will give me the courage to follow through on my kind impulses more often!”

    I will also say some friends I see rarely and am not super close to bought a necklace for me just because earlier this year and it STILL gives me warm fuzzies to think of it.

  5. I’m going to file this away as, “Another reason we stayed in Alabama” then because I would be devastated if it was not that way! HA!

    And let me tell you, the friend who I gave preserves too? I don’t even know him that well! He’s very religious, posts a lot of bible stuff to FB, he’s older, on the surface you might not even realize we were friends 🙂 But we talked tart cherries one day and it became a little bit of an “inside joke” when we see each other (He works at Fleet Feet so I see him there often) so I saw Tart Cherry preserves and had to buy them for him. And he was so happy! I was worried it might be weird, but I played it off as that. I told him, “I know this is weird…but I just had to bring this to you since we talk about tart cherries so much!” So maybe that helped, acknowledging that it was weird 🙂 But he said something kind on FB and gave me a hug and everything!!! So it helped me decide it was the right decision 🙂

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