Did We Blame The Consumers When Target Got Hacked?

This is a bonus post for today just because I’m devastated at the way the media/public is handling this horrible breach of privacy with female celebrities. I’m basically just screaming my anger into the void so it can be released. If you don’t want to read me blather nonsensically, feel free to just stick with the first post of the day and come back tomorrow for tomorrow’s post. You can skip this one entirely. (Unless you are looking at stolen naked pictures of someone, then you should read this because YOU NEED TO STOP DOING THAT.)

Remember back when Target had a security breach and so many people had their credit card numbers stolen? Remember how everyone said, “Well! If you don’t want your numbers stolen, don’t use your credit cards! Ever!”

No. Because no one said that. Everyone bashed Target, and Target had to apologize for the breach in security. Not the customers’ fault to assume their data was safe. Not the customers’ fault for not reading an amex platinum review before signing up to the credit card. Not the customers’ fault for using their credit cards even though there’s always a risk the data gets stolen. And if there were pages on hacker sites somewhere with lists of customers and their credit card numbers would you look at it? NO! That’s stolen information! Of course not!

So why are people looking at naked pictures of Jennifer Lawrence? Why are people so casually blaming these women like it’s THEIR fault to trust the data? Why are they stupid for trusting photos but we’re not stupid for trusting storage of our credit card information?

When there was a chance Facebook Messenger was being creepy with some of our phone data/information (they’re being no more creepy than any other app) – the world was in an UPROAR about privacy and security and it was INSANE. People everywhere were outraged at the potential invasion of privacy!

So why are we saying, “Well…their fault…” at the female celebrities whose photos were STOLEN and DISPLAYED for the world to see? Would people be more outraged if the photos were stolen through Facebook?

Where is the outrage over privacy issues and data access now?

If you were spewing hate about your boss/mother-in-law/neighbor in a text message to a friend, and then those text messages got hacked and published for the world to see…wouldn’t you be outraged? Wouldn’t you beg the world, “PLEASE DON’T READ THOSE MESSAGES!” because they were private and maybe painted a picture of you that you didn’t want the world to see? Don’t you have a right to that privacy? If your neighbor’s texts got hacked and published wouldn’t you avoid reading them out of respect for their privacy?

Listen. I get it. I tell my oldest child all the time: Don’t take pictures you don’t want the world to see. But I don’t tell him that because I worry about it getting stolen or hacked, I worry about him sending it to untrustworthy people who may some day want revenge and do it with those photos. And I get it, I would never let photos like that be taken of me because it would be my worst nightmare for them to be seen by anyone else.


These women have the RIGHT to take these pictures and trust the data storage security. However, your data can get stolen or lost on some occasions. In this kind of situations, all you want to do is find a service similar to DriveSavers to help you get it back, this way you don’t have to worry about it getting into the wrong hands and out for the world to see.




If I suddenly dumped my body issues to the wayside and wanted to send sexy pictures to my husband, then YOU BETTER FREAKIN’ BELIEVE I would assume that the photos would stay between me and my husband. I would TRUST the data like I TRUST my bank data and my texts and my credit card information. And if we’re going to be outraged over privacy concerns with apps on our phones, then we should be outraged over this situation. If I wanted to have sexy pictures taken by someone with a digital device, I have the RIGHT. And if those photos got stolen and leaked? The publishing of those would be an ASSAULT on me. And I would be livid if anyone looked at them. And I would be livid at the theft/breach of security in the first place.

There are a bunch of other women who have written about this better than I have. I’m kinda just blathering nonsensically because I AM PISSED OFF.

This is why you shouldn’t click on the naked photos of Jennifer Lawrence

If you deliberately seek out any of these images, you are directly participating in the violation not just of numerous women?s privacy but also of their bodies. These images – which I have not seen and which I will not look for – are intimate, private moments belonging only to the people who appear in them and who they have invited to see them. To have those moments stolen and broadcast to the world is an egregious act of psychic violence which constitutes a form of assault.

Laci Green is unfollowing anyone who reblogs the photos

have unfollowed 20+ blogs on here already and i will unfollow anyone else who reblogs nude photos taken NON-CONSENSUALLY from these women. it is sexual violation (fueled by the objectification of women) and anybody who participates that is the literal scum of the earth

I don’t know. I just don’t see it as a bad thing to take sexy pictures of yourself. Why not? I wish I loved my body enough to do that. And it makes me angry that people are looking at these pictures like – now that they’re “public” – it’s no longer creepy? IT IS VERY CREEPY. These women did not intend for you to see those pictures. They did not get naked in a movie or a magazine spread. They got naked for someone they were intimate with and YOU are NOT THAT PERSON. Quit looking at the photos.

BAH. Okay. I’m sorry.

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  1. Perfectly made point! I could not agree more. Not sure why this is an acceptable behavior and why the person who took the pictures is automatically blamed.

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