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Nikki Had A Case Of The Mondays.

It started with a VERY sleepless Sunday night. That cough kept us both up as I was constantly rubbing Vick’s and sitting her up and all of the other soothing things I could think of. She didn’t want to miss her one early class on Monday because it ONLY happens on Monday and she had a project she was excited about. So, the plan was to get her to the doctor after school. I wasn’t concerned about contagions because we were still talking ONLY a cough and NO fever.

20 minutes after she’s been at school I get a text from her teacher that she left her project in my car.

Luckily, I work from home 5-8 minutes away so I jumped in the car and delivered it.

Then I ended up getting her after that class as she really couldn’t handle school any more.

Then she ended up having to have her ears flushed at the doctor because they were so full of wax and I’m not even going to tell you the size of the chunks of wax that came out.

Then she had to get a strep test. And we all know how awesome those are. I thought we were going to have to hold her down, she was fighting so much, but after some struggle and some talking and some urgency…she let the nurse do it and cried the entire time. And then just balled up in my lap and sobbed after it was over, I could tell she had just HAD ENOUGH.

And of course, the test was positive. Which kinda blew my mind because the only time she even mentioned her throat was a little bit after some major coughing fits Sunday night. I – of course – assumed it was just pain from such severe coughing.

He did say it was VERY faint so it had probably just turned to strep from a general cold/allergy fit – but still. She has strep. After a weekend of hanging out with a million people including 7 kids in a tent for most of Sunday.

AND THEN…when we were waiting in the line at Target for her meds, she got very mean looks from these two ladies every time she coughed and they actually scooted away from us while glaring at her. It was a case of so-insanely-mean-it-was-almost-funny to be honest with you. Nikki noticed, but kinda felt like I did, which was that those two women were just mean that she wasn’t going to feel too bad about disgusting them.

She slept better last night. But, by better, I mean Not As Bad As Sunday Which Was Basically Not Sleeping At All. She has to stay home from school again today, so hopefully she can catch up on some more sleep and just relax her Monday away. And I can distribute “I’m Sorry I Exposed You To Strep” notes to the parents of all of the kids she hung out with this weekend.

Garfield was her spirit animal yesterday, is what I’m saying.

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  1. A little while ago Tebow had a lump on the side of his neck, the size of a ping pong ball. It was odd, but he had no other symptoms… no fever, no coughing, no sore throat. But then, he started to get super clingy. We were doing something at the library, which he loves, and he was just all over me and kind of cooperating, but not at the same time. I ended up taking him to the doctor and he had strep! I was shocked as well, since the only symptom was the lump and his clingy-ness. And we had just been at the library with lots of kiddies. I was feeling the mom guilt then.
    Hope Nikki gets better soon.

  2. I’m sorry Nikki is sick. I hope she feels better soon! I read this home remedy for coughing and haven’t had the chance to try it yet, but your mention of Vicks reminded me. You are supposed to rub a lot of Vicks on the bottom of your child’s (or your) feet and then put on white socks. I don’t know if it helps, but I love Vicks when I have a cold or even a cut or split on my fingers in the winter so maybe it would help her cough.

  3. I hope she feels better soon. If what you call strep is the same as tonsilitis (got to love how the US call it one thing but the UK call it another!) then when I had tonsilitis I didn’t feel ill, my throat ached but wasn’t sore. I found a swollen gland or something in the back of my neck too and happened to mention it to the doctor. He checked my throat and told me to go home to bed via the pharmacy for antibiotics.

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