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My Office – Before The Hostile Takeover


This room used to be our sitting room but it is now my office. The room in our house (8×9 windowless room) designed as an “office” does not have good access to the WiFi and I don’t like working in there anyway because it’s a hidey-hole where I never see the sun or the kids. So! The sitting room became the office and the office became The Room For All Of The Stuff. If I ever grow to where I need an external office I might need to learn from someone similar to Fox Removals so the transition is smoother.

After my business trip to Rochester last week I came home invigorated about my professional life. We spend some time talking about working from home and I quizzed everyone about their office set-ups and I decided to spend some time on mine to create a better space. With school starting back, the kids crowd around me more now than they did over the summer. Yes – I get 7’ish hours of silence but then when they get home they’re all up in my face with homework and reading and papers and BACK OFF, KIDS.

So, I cleared some more space on my desk for papers and accouterments from their life by moving my printer to a smaller table I stole from E’s room. Now that I think back, seeing as I did clear a lot of space in the office, maybe I could have treated myself to new furniture. Honestly, I had no excuse. From buying office furniture in Brisbane, London or even New York, pretty much everyone has the ability to switch up their home office once in a while. Seeing as I made do with what I had, I then set up another table against the wall (I did something similar last year) for Nikki’s laptop to charge every day. (Our schools have a technology initiative that gives every child 3rd grade and up a laptop for the year.) Wes can work at my desk next to me if he needs to, and I don’t get stressed that he’s up in my work bubble.

And? It looks kinda pretty.

NOW! My husband is building himself a computer to use for work-related gaming and he plans on somehow sharing my space with me and I AM STRESSED OUT ABOUT THIS. So, I’m documenting my office in it’s perfect state so I can come back with a comparison after he puts his ugly crap everywhere.


Something I’ve said 14 million times in the last 48 hours.

He really wants me to use his fancy new computer but I like my 6-year old Mac. I hate Windows. And I hate his black keyboard and his black mouse. I like my pretty Mac stuff. So, he’s going to “do his best” not to mess up my actual work space and I’m going to “do my best” not to whine too much and point out that, “THIS IS WHERE I WORK. DO YOU WANT ME COMING INTO YOUR OFFICE AND SETTING UP MY COMPUTER????”

I think I found the source of my twitch/pain from yesterday.

6 thoughts on “My Office – Before The Hostile Takeover”

  1. Your office is lovely! I don’t blame you for not wanting your husband to invade it.

  2. Looks great!

    Maybe it’s just me, but I have been getting an error when clicking on your instagram icon on your blog. Here is the message: 404 Not Found. If I am clicking on it from a tweet, it does fine.

  3. If you stocked it with beer and (what’s the guy equivalent of chocolate?), would he set up in the old office? Maybe the kids wouldn’t mess with it in there? Yeah, I didn’t think so… Dude. I’d be losing it. Good luck!

  4. Omg… My husband and I share an office, and I have no patience for doing actual work with him in there. I actually got mad at him for eating his chips too loud one day, lol.

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