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Wrong Foot, Indeed.

I misread the orientation cards for my kids and thought Wesley’s was at 5pm last night and Nikki’s was at 5:30pm. Once I realized what I had done I tried to find help but it was 5pm and that’s a little bit late to get anyone to come save you from that kind of error.

So, I sat down the kids and told them I would spend a little bit of time with Wes’s teacher because I know who she is and Nikki was in First Grade two years ago so there’s probably not too much that has changed. Then, we would go to Third Grade where Nikki had the new teacher and this was a new year.

And of course, Wes started sobbing.

I was pretty close to sobbing too.

TL;DR – Everything worked out fine. No one is permanently scarred.

photo (4)HOWEVER, in years past the orientation has been a little more detailed. Teachers had “formal” type presentations where they discussed everything from schedules to technology to homework. That’s what we were all expecting. So, to have to miss some of that by walking out early stressed out Wes and upset him terribly. Nikki didn’t feel that awesome about me being late to hers either, but she didn’t cry because at least she got the longer portion of the evening.

And I felt FANTASTIC. We all start the school year happy for a fresh start. THIS year will be the BEST, right? We will do things differently! Be organized! Volunteer more! I mean, until I found out how much out of pocket cash you have to spend, I was thinking about maybe even being room Mom this year!

Alas, we started off a bit off track. Which tends to make a person feel pretty crappy about the future.

The good news? We went to Wes’s classroom early and she told us that nothing formal was supposed to be going on. Teachers this year were just introducing and helping put up school supplies. Nothing major. That way no one had to panic about overlapping times or inability to come due to work. So, in reality? We didn’t miss anything from either class.

But MAN. How crappy did I feel? And I can’t even change anything to make sure that doesn’t happen again. I swear I read that card 100 times. But once you read it wrong ONCE, you read it the SAME WAY every time, evidently. I even “double checked” the times several time. The best I can think is that my brain was still looking at the Kindergarten time instead of First Grade even though I know he’s starting First Grade.

SO! Today is our first day of school! I’m hoping my screw-up at last night’s orientation is not indicative of the year to come!

Now – tell me YOUR stories of starting off on the wrong foot, just to make me feel better.

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  1. I had written out the school supply lists for our 3 kids back in July so I thought I was set. Then one of the teachers changed schools and the other teachers got shuffled around. So now I have extras of some stuff and we’re missing other stuff :-/

  2. I managed to add the 4th birthday party of one of my kid’s two best friends as 2pm-4pm in my calendar, when the party was 12pm-2pm.

    I didn’t realize until I was double-checking the invite for the location, and realized we were about to leave the house as the party was ending.

    He was devastated.

    It was a few months ago, and I still feel guilty.

  3. Oh man, last year was a nightmare for me. My daughter was in Mexico on the day her Sophomore class schedules were handed out (this was TOTALLY my fault as I read the dates wrong) so I had to go get it for her. After standing in three lines to pay for stuff (yearbook, PSAT, gym clothes) which they require before schedules can be picked up, they refused to give it to me because she was not there to have her ASB card photo taken. When I asked when they would be doing make up photos they said about a month into school! So I was like “so she’s not going to get her schedule for a MONTH?” and they said of course not that they’d give it to her the 1st day of school (1 week after schedule pickup).

    I just about popped a blood vessel. So they made us come in early the 1st day of school to pick it up EVEN THOUGH SHE DIDN’T HAVE AN ASB CARD YET rather than just give it to me a few days early BECAUSE SHE HAD NO ASB CARD. I felt horrible because all her friends were on social media talking about what classes they had together. Silly when I look back at it now but at the time I felt like SUCH a jerk for not getting her back on time.

  4. We don’t ordinarily go back to school until September (the Tuesday after Labour Day), but this year our teachers are on strike and may not go back until October 9. My kid had a horrible year last year, and is only going into grade 2 so I’m fine with having him out longer. I feel for the kids who graduate this year, though, because I can’t imagine how you make up that month.

  5. not school-related, but….

    do you remember when i drove to columbus for my first interview at johnston? and then proceeded to sit in the car for an hour when i realized i was “an hour early”? b/c i didn’t manage to put it together that i’d just driven from CST to EST? so then made a GREAT impression that i was an hour late for my first real interview for my first real job? awesome. 🙂

  6. I have so many wrong foot things. Losing all the preschool paperwork. Milk getting spilled all over the replacement paperwork. I’m so bad at paperwork and there’s just so much of it with school stuff…

  7. I don’t have a wrong foot story, but boy do I have a crappy parent one. I took my daughter out for a special breakfast date this morning. Headed in to the bathroom to wash her sticky fingers, she stopped on the middle of the doorway to look back at something. The door was heavy and my hands were full, so I told her to come in quickly. And then I Let. go. Of. The. Door. before she did. I’m honestly still not sure what happened. Did I lose my grip? Did some part of me think she had come in because I told her to? I don’t know. But, I somehow slammed my four year old forehead first in to a metal door jamb with a heavy wood door. Way to give her a special breakfast outing, right?

  8. This isn’t school related, but it is wrong foot story. I was meeting with a new collaborator to kick off working on a grant proposal. His e-mail said to meet him at the NASA booth, but I somehow read registration desk. So I waited on the wrong floor for like 15 minutes before I rechecked the e-mail and suddenly read it correctly!

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