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I Did Not Put This Book Down Until It Was Done.

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I picked up this book at 8pm the other night, got sick and couldn’t sleep, and finished it around midnight. IT WAS THAT GOOD. If I hadn’t been sick I might have put it down to sleep a bit, but I’m certain I would have not started my day the next day until it was done.

Now, you have to have a tolerance for a kinda-angsty teen girl narrator, which I have no problem with. But! A guy friend found it irritating and I didn’t recommend this to my husband for that very reason. If it had been told from the point of view of a teen boy, (I’m thinking like in The Absolute True Diary of a Part-Time Indian) then it would probably be more relatable because it would be experiences he might be more familiar with. Now, I read the Sherman Alexie book and I’m a girl, so obviously genders can read other perspectives, but I just know my husband’s tolerance and I think he wouldn’t be able to get past the teen girl voice telling the story.


Also? Did I already recommend The Storied Life Of A.J. Fikry? I think I did already. At least I know I did in other places like Twitter or Facebook, but just in case I didn’t document it here…READ IT! It’s great. It seems like it’s going places and it doesn’t, which I loved. You feel like you’re seeing predictable plot development paths but that’s not where the book goes and I truly appreciated that. It’s a GREAT book club book.

I also finally got around to reading The Cuckoo’s Calling after my friend told me I’d like it. I had been worried that I’d be disappointed since it’s not Harry Potter, but I really enjoyed it. It took me a little while to get into it, but once I did I was pulled in hook, line, and sinker. I even bought The Silkworm because there’s 8 people in line for it at the library and I couldn’t wait that long to read it.

Next on my list: Landline and then The Land Of Stories (Book 3). What are you reading?

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  1. I just finished the Cuckoo’s Calling too! And liked it enough to get Silkworm, but that has to wait until I finish Landline. Which I only know about because of you, so thank you for introducing me to Rainbow Rowell, who I adore. Have you read Cinder, Scarlet and Cress? I think you’d like them, although it does violate your “no unfinished series” rule.

  2. Love the book recommendations! Just Finished “South of Broad” by Pat Conroy (2010). Good book, very long, Had been in my READ stack for a very long time. Have a great weekend, Kim!

  3. We are totally reading the same books right now! I just finished Liars, am starting Fickry and Landline is at the library waiting 🙂

  4. I am slowly making my way through Sophie’s Choice. It’s alright so far, but I have a feeling it is about to pick up. Before that I read Seraphina, which I LOVED. I just heard that it’s the start of a possible trilogy though, which is so annoying because now I have to wait for the other books! It was nice that there wasn’t really a cliffhanger though. I recently read all of the other John Green books, of which I enjoyed An Abundance of Katherines the best. Oh and I also read Before I Fall, by Lauren Oliver, which was a great YA read, and now I’m on the library waiting list for her trilogy, which is fortunately already completely published.

  5. I’ve finished three books in the last week or so due to night feeds and spending a heap of time shut in my room feeding Jaxon lol. I’ve read lots of chick lit because it’s not too complicated to keep up with but I also finished Right to The Edge by Charley Boorman – it’s a sort of travel journal about his trip from Sydney to Japan by any means – so there were a lot of boat trips and bus trips, some interesting bits like when he went on a reconditioned (or it might have been a replica I’m not sure) Spitfire. He also had a go at paragliding near Mount Fuji and rode lots of different motorbikes.

  6. To me it is not the angsty teen girl narrator that is the issue; it is the affectation of the writing and the overuse of certain literary techniques. If I was to feel they were coming from the narrator and not the author, it didn’t work for me.

  7. Kim- I read this on your recommendation, and I liked it a lot. It was a nice, easy, quick read, and I liked the stylistic elements of the writing- my only complaint was that I say the “reveal” coming long before the narrator did. But, after I downloaded it, Amazon recommended Casebook: A Novel by Mona Simpson. I read that and loved it could not put it down. I tagged you in a facebook post about it even though we aren’t fb friends and I’m just a long time reader of your blog. I love your book recs, and we like similar novels, so I think you’d really like Casebook (as might your son.) It also has a male narrator, which might make it a better rec for your male friend and/or husband who didn’t/wouldn’t like the “kinda-angsty teen girl” narrator from We Were Liars. Anyway- highly, highly recommend it. Plus, it’s not a series!

  8. Oh! I never saw it coming! But thanks for the recommendation, I’m putting it on Goodreads now!!!

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