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My Town Knows How To Rock A Thursday.


Huntsville has just gotten so much more awesome in the last two or three years. The proof was how much was going on on a Thursday night downtown.

First – We had our Greene Street Farmer’s Market which happens every Thursday during the warm months of the year. And it’s more than just produce, there are also booths that sell handmade/environmentally friendly laundry detergent, or homemade bread. There’s also music there every week AND there are about 10 green bicycles you can borrow (rent?) for free to ride around the area during the length of the market. It’s always a fun outing every Thursday. Sometimes the kids just get homemade fruit popsicles and I get tea, other times we come home with an arm-load of peaches and tomatoes. It’s always great.

THEN! We walked from the farmer’s market to the Food Truck Rally which they’ve been doing once a month. Usually, it’s on a Friday but because of the weather predicted for tonight, they moved it to Thursday. On the way there, we passed the newest addition to the downtown square: Art Benches! I’m not sure if that’s the “official” name of them, but it’s some sort of project where they commissioned artists to make interesting benches for seating around the square. The kids checked out two of them on our walk to the rally.

At the Food Truck Rally, we spread out a blanket and watch this great cover band Denim Jawbones play while we all bought our dinner from different food trucks. I bet there were 15-20 trucks plus a bunch of tables and tents from local eateries as well. It was even more awesome because a local blogger had done a write-up telling me what I could eat at the rally so I had plenty to choose from! I think we bought food for the family from at least five different food trucks. Food trucks really are amazing, so much to choose from. I have a friend who lives in Australia and runs a food truck down there, she says that food trucks in Gold Coast are the best ones to go to (her opinion, but she’s an honest woman!).

AND FINALLY! We detoured on our way back to our car and walked through the Downtown Art Stroll which happens on Thursday a month all summer. Tons of local artists set up and sell their wares there and it’s fantastic. There was also belly dancing (which Wesley LOVED) and bands playing and it was a great bookend to the evening.

Basically, my kids and I parked our car on the outskirts of downtown around 4 pm and didn’t get back to our car until 7pm. They didn’t whine (much) even though they had walked probably 2 miles during our exploration. They got good food that we purchased from other citizens of our city, so we could feel good knowing the money we spent stayed in the area. (We are on a BIG “Shop Local!” kick lately.) They were entertained by great music and dancing and they were able to see some beautiful art and handmade items and it was just a lovely way to spend a Thursday evening downtown.

Thank you, Huntsville…for being the Rocket City That Rocks My Socks.

5 thoughts on “My Town Knows How To Rock A Thursday.”

  1. I love the so much! I promise to never tease Huntsville about it’s abbreviation again !

  2. What truck did you eat from? The kids and I ate from Crave Heat last time and we were highly disappointed. It was so not worth it. We had planned on going this evening, but when they changed it to last night (which was obviously the right call) we had other plans.

  3. I wanted to eat at Crave Heat (that website recommended a few of their items) but the line was too long at 5:45 already! So I ate at Fire and Spice which was good. Donnie LOVED the sweet potato fries from The Food Truck and Nyoka always loves her BBQ sandwich from…eek, I can’t remember. I’d know it if I saw it. Donnie was disappointed in, I think Dallas Mill, b/c the turkey sandwich was basically just cold cuts and he was thinking he didn’t come for a food truck rally for food that was not made fresh. I want to try Crave Heat some slow day at lunch when I don’t have to wait an hour, that way if I don’t like it, it will be okay! I will only get in a long line if we know it’s good. I waited an hour almost for Donnie’s sweet potato fries but their fresh and he LOVES them!

  4. Next time we go I will really look at who’s going to be there and the menus to decide. The sweet potato fries sound awesome!!! Someone else I know also had a great BBQ sandwich from some place last time….sounds like that may be the way to go! Crave Heat’s “steak tacos” were ground beef and nacho cheese. So totally not worth it.

  5. We can’t wait to get back to visit! it will be fall, hope there are good events then too!

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