Things I’m Loving Right Now

There’s a few things I’m loving lately that I thought I could maybe write about in other entries, or their own, but I decided the lazy/easy way would be the blogger crutch: THE BULLETED LIST! So! Three things I’m loving lately!

  • It’s no secret that I love YouTube comedians Grace Helbig and Mamrie Hart, but I honestly wasn’t expecting to love their new YouTube travel show. I don’t know why, it just seemed like it wouldn’t really showcase the parts of their humor I love. BUT IT DOES. I love it SO MUCH! The show is put on by the chanel Astronauts Wanted and they put out new videos Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays I believe. So far they’ve been to Alaska and Louisville and it’s basically just them trying to do iconic things while being goofballs and it cracks me up. What also cracks me up? That they freak out over adorable animals as much as I do. When they discovered the miniature horse farm in Louisville I thought they were going to DIE. It was awesome. I’m loving their videos so much that I made Donnie watch some of them with me, and I never subject him to anything on YouTube, it’s just not his beef. See the entire playlist here.
  • Baby Food. It’s my new running fuel! Well, I’ve discovered a brand/packaging that does not LOOK like baby food, but it’s baby food. It’s the Simply Balanced Fruit Pouches and I’m using them as running fuel and they’re GREAT. I found out that Gu is not vegan, and obviously none of my running gummies are, so that leaves me mainly to the Clif brand which is the closest you’ll get to “whole foods” (I think they actually have a few organic varieties) in the form of your typical running fuel. My favorite Clif gel is the strawberry with caffeine, but I can only handle those things about once a run. These fruit pouches are a GREAT supplement. I run with my hydration pack so they fit in there fine (they aren’t as portable as gels without a hydration pack) and I don’t feel so gross eating them. It’s just applesauce! YUM.
  • Jimmy Fallon and Seth Meyers. I have NEVER been a late night talk show fan. Obviously I don’t stay up late, but I can watching Jimmy Fallon and Seth Meyers in the morning on Hulu an I have not missed an episode of either since they started. I don’t always watch all of the interviews, but I definitely watch their opening. Especially Seth. Jimmy has better production but Seth is just funny. He takes time to tell personal stories (the ones about his World Cup habits were great) and they’re always hysterical. He’s also a GREAT interviewer. He had Sarah Jessica Parker and Anna Wintour (is that who those people were?) on one night to talk about the Met Ball. I could not care LESS about two people or an event if I tried, yet…YET…he had me TOTALLY interested! I’m stressing that his ratings are “not great” whatever that means for a late night show, because I love it SO MUCH. It is now my morning ritual to watch both of those shows and it’s a great way to start the day.

What about you? Anything awesome floating your bloat right now?

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  1. Ok, not a shill at all (I’ve never used this), and not entirely sure if this is really your bag, being a cooking thing, but I learned shortly after the baby food pouches really took off that you can buy a ‘make your own’ pouches kit: http://www.infantino.com/fresh-squeezed/ – maybe you can create some more interesting vegan purees for on-the-go fuel.

  2. I love #HeyUSA too! Now I actually want to visit Louisville.

    I love Comedians in Cars getting Coffee by Jerry Seinfeld.

    I’m currently going through all the Vlogbrothers videos (I finished 2007 and am now in 2008).

    I’m loving my kindle eink, because I can just READ BOOKS and not get distracted on my tablet by email/ facebook/ twitter/ youtube.

  3. FYI – the Jelly Belly Sports Beans are vegan. I’m vegetarian and don’t eat gelatin, so I was pleasantly surprised to see that their ingredients are not only veg, but all real-ish food. It’s a ton of sugar, obviously, but it’s all real sugar or fruit juice. They use tapioca in place of gelatin.

  4. Check out Infinit Nutrition (http://www.infinitnutrition.us/). They do vegan fuels (it’s liquid based but it replaces gus, gels, salt tabs, and electrolyte drinks) that tastes great! You can order it “off the shelf” or customize the blend based on your needs/taste preference. I use a run fuel for , well, running and also have a bike-specific fuel as well but they also make formulations for mountain biking, ultra endurance, triathlon and other endurance sports.

    Jelly Belly Sport Beans are vegetarian but not vegan as they use both beeswax and shellac in them (per their website).

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