The One Where I Say “Yo” Three Times Because I Woke Up Too Early To Speak English Coherently.

I woke up at 1:30am as I’ve been doing almost every night for months now. Some nights I can go back to sleep, but lately I’ve decided to give it 30 minutes to an hour and then if I’m still not asleep, I just get up. I’ve decided it does more harm than good on my day if I just stay in bed tossing and turning and playing on my phone. If I’m going to be exhausted? I’d at least like to show something for it. So, at 2:30am I got up and started cleaning. It is now 3am and I’ve already done dishes, a load of laundry, cleaned some countertops and tables, put on a bra, and spilled coffee on my desk.

Full day in 30 minutes, yo!

Huntsville has been SO full of stuff to do lately, it’s not even funny. Last night alone I had FOUR things I wanted to do:

1) Greene Street Market: Our weekly farmer’s market where my favorite Tea People show up and there’s music and produce and local artisans…it’s GREAT.
2) Fleet Feet Fun Runs: Every Thursday this summer there are group runs from Fleet Feet. 3 or 5 miles. Nyoka and I have gone to many of them
3) Slow Cycle Group: A new bike group I found where they go SLOW and just ride through nice areas around downtown. People ride cruisers and have baskets and meet for beer after.
4) RCBConnect: A one time event sponsored by Rocket City Bloggers.

We know which one I went to because it was a one-time deal and all the others will happen next week too. HOWEVER, what does it say about the awesomeness of my city that I had FOUR open-to-anyone events I could have joined on a THURSDAY.

Huntsville rocks, yo.

photo (1)I have found more and more lately that – if you’re bored in Huntsville? It’s your own damn fault. I can not tell you how many things the kids and I have done this summer (for free!) but there’s way more we have NOT done. The thing I’ve had on my calendar since they announced it? “Frozen” in the Park! We are going to watch “Frozen” tonight on the side of the Huntsville Museum of Art and I am SO EXCITED! I wish it didn’t have to be dark before it could start because that means it’s going to be a late night…BUT STILL! Outdoor movies! For Free!

I’ve just been so very proud of my city lately. We had a great event recently called NASA on the SQUARE where all of our local offices who support NASA set up booths around our square downtown and had exhibits of sorts showing what they did and it was SOOOOO COOOL. So much cool stuff for the kids (and NASA stickers for me!) and it was all free! The kids got to wear REAL astronaut gear, some of which had been in SPACE.

There’s tons of other stuff all the time, especially in the warm weather, and I just can’t get over how awesome my little city has become. There’s outdoor concerts and food truck rallies and bike groups and art markets and all of it is FREE and open to whomever is connected enough to hear about it.

You expect this type of activity in bigger cities and I’m very proud Huntsville delivers the same amount of community events in an itty-bitty-living space.


Anyway…just taking a moment to lament being up at 2:30am pontificating about the awesomeness of my Rocket City. Here’s to getting a bunch of shit done today because y’all? I have an INSANE weekend ahead. Movie tonight, 3-hour run in the morning, short trip to Florence, AL tomorrow night for Donnie’s triathlon Sunday morning, rushed trip home on Sunday so Nikki and I can head to Atlanta Sunday night to go to a Chris Colfer book signing and then MONDAY IS MY BIRTHDAY, YO.

Enjoy your weekend.

5 thoughts on “The One Where I Say “Yo” Three Times Because I Woke Up Too Early To Speak English Coherently.”

  1. I love Boston dearly but I can’t tell how often your posts make me kinda wish I loved in Huntsville!

  2. I usually wake up at 4:30 in the morning and give myself a similar rule about falling back asleep. But I don’t get a ton of shit done, I just read or try to fall asleep on the couch.

  3. Kim/Zoot: I love your blog, read every day (ish) and comment infrequently. My husband and I are excited to visit Huntsville again this fall. We never thought H’ville boring when we lived there. We were there before y’all got a lot of the new retail stuff you have now! There were always the good things, Monte Sano, That Place Where You Hike Around A Lake (sorry, forget the name) and the underground bar… Doc something,the Guy That Disappeared – I think it’s gone now. I worked for Boeing, so I had passes to the Space and Rocket Center, and we visited the H’ville version of Williamsburg, and we had a lot of fun times at festivals and the Braun Center. Anyone who thinks it’s boring there has a lot to learn. Also Microwave Dave. Love.

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