Cue Panic Attack In 5, 4, 3, 2…


So! I’m going to this local Blogger event tonight and I’m panicking because we all know I’m the Queen of all of the Social Awkward Parties. There are even two other things going on tonight that I’m missing that I totally wanted to use as an excuse but then I remembered: Me + Social Gatherings Surrounded By Strangers = Comedic Facebook Statuses!

And I’m nothing if not dedicated to documenting my foolish behavior on social networks.

(I just spilled some beans on my dress. Perfect timing!)

(Why am I wearing a dress?)

Anyway – I have to leave in like, 15 minutes, and it just occurred to me that if anyone meets me tonight and decides to visit my blog…THE MOST BORING ENTRY IN THE WORLD is the first thing they’ll see. So! I thought that – while I eat my dinner (and spill it on my dress) – I would add a better entry as the first one. And by “better” I mean – “An entry where I talk about spilling beans on my dress.”


So! A note to anyone I might meet tonight…

Dear Nice Person I Met At The Rocket City Bloggers Connect Event,

First things first: I’m really sorry I said that really stupid thing. I am a mess in social situations and often compensate by trying to be funny and I always fail miserably and say really stupid things.

Secondly: Thank you for not mentioning the bean stain on my dress. I have no idea why I wore a dress.

Thirdly: This is my blog. I’ve been writing here for over 10 years. This page will tell you more about me. I used to write about my kids more but now they’re old enough to yell at me for that, I write a lot about health and running and exercise. You can read more about my journey from couch potato to runner here. I also write a lot about bullet journals, here’s a good entry here. And sometimes I write about how I like to eat my feelings, hence the entire category here. It was nice meeting you, and thank you for sharing this article with me on how to write an excellent copy for an event, it will be helpful if I use it in the future.

In general, this blog is my therapist + my diary + my baby book + my evidence for insanity if anyone ever tries to have me committed. It’s a hodgepodge of miscellany and I depend on it to keep me sane. I hope I didn’t embarrass myself too bad tonight.

Thanks for stopping by,
Kim Zoot.

3 thoughts on “Cue Panic Attack In 5, 4, 3, 2…”

  1. Thank you for coming out! I was so excited to see you and happy you and Yvonne found each other. : D I hope you enjoyed your self (and if not, earrings? ; )

  2. I actually thought of you today because I had a serious socially awkward run in. I was actually on a run and came upon a man that looked pretty familiar and as I got closer, I thought, “hey! that’s the guy from [local running store A]!” So I stopped and said “Hey! Do you work at [local running store A]?” and he said yes and I awkwardly pointed down at my shoes and said “Sorry!! I bought these at [local running store B]!…But! I’ll come back to you guys next time!” He just kind of stood there looking at me oddly, so I just ran off. What in the world. Hey, thanks crazy lady for telling me you bought shoes from my competitor store!

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