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It’s The Little Things, Really.

10496188_10152918333128496_7606086885932320025_oSome time in 2000 Donnie and I decided we were sick of laundromats and we were close enough to graduating that we could put a washer and dryer on a credit card. We walked into Sears and just pointed to the cheapest washer and the cheapest dryer and said, “That’s what we want.” The salesman gave us a hard time because one was a Kenmore and one was a Whirlpool, but we just scoffed. We had never bought appliances before, but we were pretty certain that dryers were NOT brand exclusive. We were confident the Whirlpool dryer would not know the wet clothes inside of it had been washed in a Kenmore. So! We bought it anyway! We weren’t even married yet, so this was a HUGE decision. It was pretty much was like a promise ring. But way more useful.

For a few years, several years ago, the washer had to be beaten. I feel like I’ve written about that here before, but I can’t remember. But – you had to punch it in the exact right spot with the exact right force to get the water to fill up the drum. It wasn’t easy. Sometimes I punched it 4-8 times before it would finally fill up. But it would fill up! So who cared? And then…like a miracle…it just started filling up like a normal washer. I did nothing to it, it just started working. It was amazing!

For a few months.

And then the dryer started acting up. I thought it was broken at first and nearly panicked because A) We did not want to buy a new dryer and B) I was sentimentally attached to those appliances. But! It wasn’t broken! Instead – it would only dry for 20 minutes at a time. It would dry either on the “20 minutes” setting on the timed dial OR on the “touch up” setting which was also about 20 minutes long. Except for BOTH settings, it was only “hot” for about 10 minutes and then it was – more or less – fluffing. SO! Every time we had to dry clothes, it took about 3-7 cycles depending on the fabric and the size of the load. This meant that I had to CONSTANTLY be re-setting the dryer so that clothes didn’t just sit around wet.

I could not have lived with this type of dryer if I did not work from home. Even for the two years BEFORE I worked from home, I would come home on my lunch break to let out the dog and to re-start the dryer.

This has been going on for a good 2-3 years now. I basically have to do laundry every day because it takes so long to dry a load of clothes, you can’t get too behind or you’re screwed. Also? You know what never gets washed? Bathmats and bedding.

(Also? They are VERY small capacity so we stopped using a King Sized comforter a long time ago. We use a light quilt instead.)

WELL…we scored a free dryer recently! Family member replacing a set and we staked claim on the dryer. This meant we could get a working appliance but not have to pay for it, messing with my sentimental attachment to it. WOOT!

But – here’s the hilarious thing: It is the dryer match to our washing machine!

We didn’t know it until it was sitting next to our washing machine, but they’re the same make/model/series. How hysterical is that?

And y’all – I did not realize how much a crappy dryer had taken control of my life, until I had a working one again. I spent a while looking on, and was going to get one from there before I found the one I got. Still, first? I washed the bath mats this weekend and dried them and it was all done before anyone even showered for the day. Also? I didn’t realize that the first thing I did every morning was go into the laundry room and restart the dryer. I just ALWAYS had clothes going from the day before and they always needed another cycle of drying. The first morning I stumbled into the laundry room and went to start the dryer and realized…WAIT…I don’t have to do that, do I? And shook my head a bit to wake up and realized there weren’t even clothes in the dryer! There are always clothes in the dryer! WHAT IS THIS NEW AND GLORIOUS LIFE?

So. GREAT weekend. I actually stayed pretty caught up on laundry but without having to constantly go into the laundry room to reset everything. It’s truly amazing what something simple like – a working appliance – can do for your life. NOW! If only all three eyes of my stove worked, then I’d be one pampered little princess.

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  1. When we were in school, we would joke that a dishwasher would end 75% of our fights. We were so wrong. It was more like 90%.

  2. This post reminds me of our families Sears appliance story! When I was a teenager my Mom moved us out to the suburbs into our first home. Until that point we had always used a laundromat however, my Grandmother decided we needed to have our own washer & dryer. My Grandmother was always loyal to Sears & Kenmore appliances so she insisted we get a matched set of Kenmores no matter what the cost. The day the delivery men came I swear they thought we were crazy! After the hooked up the appliances they ran both through a cycle to make sure they worked ok with my Mother & I so visibly excited they kept laughing and shaking their heads at us. The set we purchased is 19 years old now and still works as well as they did the day we got them!

  3. You do realize that the cost to run your inefficient dryer for the last 3 years probably could have paid for a new one, right? LOL! Congrats on the new dryer!

  4. Our dryer is currently dying, we think. It makes a horrible squeaking noise for about a minute when it first starts, and then again right before it stops. We would replace it, but we built a (heavy, but removable) counter around it and the thought of taking the counter off, buying the new dryer, etc., is too much effort. We’ll wait until it actually dies.

  5. Hey Kim I love that story…seems like getting that dryer was meant to be!! Here in Australia we mainly hang our clothes outside to dry. Almost every house has a ‘clothesline’ in the backyard. Is that not the case there? Leanne ????

  6. That was meant to be a smiley face after my name. Not sure where those question marks came from!!

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