Define “Super Lazy”


My friend Amanda shared this on Facebook today and it made me THINK ALL OF THE THOUGHTS. Who knew a My Little Pony meme could make me feel so many conflicting things.

Zoot’s Head As Inspired By A Cartoon Pony

  • I love this cartoon! I am feeling totally super lazy too today. I don’t want to move. I haven’t done anything other than sit somewhere (mainly my desk, but I do sometimes move to the couch or the dinner table) since my run on Sunday.
  • But I did run on Sunday. And I have runs scheduled for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. That’s not super lazy! That’s no kind of lazy!
  • And even though I’ve been sedentary for three days, I have been doing a lot of things while sitting. I’m working, I’m reading, I’m eating…I’m working some more. It’s not like I’m lying down in bed all day. At least I’m upright, right?
  • But man…there are so many things I’m putting off doing. Like mowing the grass. And weeding the flower beds. I’d rather pick up my book than do either of those things. I’d rather clean toilets than do either of those things. But I’m not doing that either.
  • I also haven’t gotten the kids out of the house all week. It’s Thursday and we’ve not run/biked/swam even once. Not only am I super lazy, but I’m now making my kids super lazy too.
  • Except they didn’t spend one second yesterday in front of any screen. Well, they finished a movie while building Legos, but other than that! No screens!
  • But the two days before I had so much work to do that required silence they sat in front of the TV all day, both days.
  • So…I guess in many ways I’m super lazy today and every day and I’m breeding the next generation of super lazy people.
  • But! I make up for it by running every few days and periodically making my kids do triathlons.
  • Man…Now I really want to schedule a super lazy day where I stay in bed all day…that sounded really nice…

3 thoughts on “Define “Super Lazy””

  1. I have a lot of trouble taking a rest day from the gym, and when I do, I usually feel super lazy. I work three twelve-hour shifts per week, so that leaves four days that I go to the gym. Last week, on Friday, I decided to take a rest day without any self-judgement, and it was AWESOME. And the next non-work day I had, I headed right back to the gym!

    Sometimes, it seems, it’s okay to be super lazy, without it devolving into always being super lazy. My not-so-good-at-moderation self needs to remember that.

  2. I love the notion of that graphic! I have a ton to do today, but this weather is making it hard to shake the brain fog I’ve had all week. I just want to succumb to the lazy and sit in the shady breeze and read a book.

  3. : D

    Regarding the last bullet point. Last summer the hubby and I scheduled a “lounge in bed” day. We stocked up on snacks and books and slept in and then stayed in bed. It was WONDERFUL. Of course, my extroverted husband cracked so around dinner time we were back to poking around on the computers but still, it was a nice break. : )

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