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For Now…A Photo Of Hope In Alabama

I did SO MUCH AWESOME STUFF this weekend, y’all! And all of it was – in one way or another – a type of “City” event. Meaning that The Rocket City was Rocking Hard this weekend and at the end of it all I just sat in bed last night, (before I ended up sleeping on the floor – long story) and thought, “I love Huntsville so VERY VERY MUCH.” But, I’m tired and slept late (due to the aforementioned sleeping issue) so I’m just going to give you one teaser photo. This is a local church that has – as long as I’ve known about it’s existence – prided itself on welcoming the LGBT community in our city. They sponsored our #RocketCityPride festival and parade yesterday, and here is their group in the parade itself. They had bible verses taped to their truck, I wish I had gotten pictures of those but I was too busy crying behind my sunglasses. I just know how important religion is to so many people, and knowing those people have a home here in Huntsville that welcomes them with open arms? Warmed my heart and actually had me – involuntarily – thanking God for their presence.

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Edited to add: The Unitarian Universalist Church was there too! And the Quakers had a tent too (Not sure if they were in the parade, it was hard to tell if the groups didn’t have a big sign that caught our eye) but they’re another group I know nothing about so I have no idea what class they fall in other than: Church! Yay! And there was a group called “The North Alabama Freethought Association” which I didn’t even know existed. So, Yay for spiritual diversity!

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  1. Hurray for those churches! That’s a brave stance anywhere, and especially in Alabama.

  2. I grew up in Huntsville, and my grandmother lived just down the road from that church on Sparkman…. I’m so, so glad to hear they are still going strong. I know there was a lot of resentment form the community when they first put up their sign – my family was super conservative, and I remember all the tsk-tsking and shaking heads about how terrible it was, and how the city shouldn’t have allowed it.

  3. I lost track of all the churches in the Denver Pride Parade, I admit I only know the UU’s and the Jewish group- they handed out bagels. But in our area there is apparently a group for every niche (gay four wheeling? We have it), which was great to see.

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