And then sometimes you feel stupid.

There was a recipe posted earlier but someone pointed out something I feel very VERY dumb about not knowing. (Or, rather, maybe being naive about? I don’t know. I’m undecided.) Which made me write a ranty-type post about how I struggle most, not with the food, but with people’s reaction to Veganism. Some vegans say you’re doing it wrong, Some non-vegans tell you you shouldn’t do it. And then I felt stupid writing THAT ranty-type post so you know what? I give up. I’m going to go back to bed. Wake up again. Start over. And just leave this picture from my all-time favorite instagram feed to make you smile.


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  1. Don’t be so hard on yourself. I missed what you put up but we all make mistakes. You are far from stupid.

  2. Saying this as a vegan, the vegan police are the absolute worst. Please, please do not feel bad about your mistake. This is a process. I like the Happy Herbivore’s mantra “progress, not perfection.”

    I hope this little mistake (which is not really a big deal) does not de-rail your vegan experiment. I think you are doing great!

    Here’s a post I like on the topic: http://happyherbivore.com/2011/10/im-not-vegan-anymore/

  3. I hate that you feel dumb or embarrassed over that recipe. It’s by no means an easy thing to go vegan and mistakes can and do happen. You aren’t stupid for making that one. If your goal is to eliminate all animal-based foods, it’s a huge undertaking. If you want to set down a path that doesn’t include animal flesh, that’s the one I’m on which is different than a vegan. Whatever it is you want to do, do that! Eat what feels right to you and makes you feel good both physically and mentally.

  4. What is not vegan about your recipe? The honey? If you really really want to get down into the weeds this is a hard argument to fight for and against becasue when you start splitting hairs about smoking the bees to get the honey and get into discussions about how to control the hive dynamics, you’ll find that you’ve started down a nearly unsustainable road of “then I shouldn’t be using manure on my plants since I don’t know how the animals who pooped it are cared for, and all the leather that is in the vehicles we drive, the gas that we put into out fuel tanks, the way that white sugar and wheat is processed, who picked the beans for my coffee this morning, and all those gnats that met their end this morning when they collided with my sweaty legs on my morning run”. Don’t be so hard on yourself, there will aalways be those vegan nazis out there that enjoy pointing out what our doing wrong and not all the things you’re doing right. I find that the primary goal of a vegan lifestyle is to live a lifestyle where you are aware of your choices and the impacts that they make. That’s what you’re doing, so IMO you are still right on track!

  5. Okay, I want to use this small spot just to explain myself so it’s out there. We have a bunch of local beekeepers here and I have been reading a lot about how our honey bee population is deteriorating which is making our produce choices smaller so we should help the bees! Buy local honey!

    That was my mentality long before testing out the whole “vegan” thing, so when I went vegan, it never occurred to me to give up honey because that was something I was doing to help the bees! Right?

    Well. I guess not. I guess honey is not vegan. And now I’m torn. So, I think I’ll do what this link says and call myself a “happy herbivore” and not a “vegan” — I don’t know. I never expected this side of it all. And the non-vegans police just as much, I feel like my husband now LOVES finding animal products in things I’m eating that I might not have noticed. *sigh*

    (Thanks for letting me rant.)

  6. (((hug))) Just so you know…there are people out there who find your blog inspirational and helpful. I don’t comment as such because I live in your area and I run so it makes me feel a little bit like a stalker to comment but I have truly found all sorts of entertaining and insightful things on your blog. (and helpful things I never would have heard of otherwise) Don’t let negativity get you down. Do what feels right for you and if you don’t know what that is when it comes to nutrition yet that is okay. Most of the rest of us don’t either. You will figure it out and what ever it is will be great as long as you are happy with it. Some people have visceral reactions to food topics almost as if it were a religious or political topic.

  7. My youngest sister went on a vegan diet at the beginning of the year to shed about 70 pounds. It worked for her. But … {there’s always a but} … she had an attitude I’ve never seen in her in the almost 40 years she’s been alive. At our favorite aunt’s funeral this year, she got a lot of great comments on how well she looks. My oldest sister made the mistake of saying her great weight loss was working out like crazy and being a vegetarian. BabySis scolded EldestSis saying “I’m not vegetarian … I’m vegan!” Us meat & dairy eaters were stunned and the conversation was dropped.

  8. Don’t beat yourself up! You are putting yourself out there and that takes courage. You are trying to be the best version of yourself and that takes courage.

    Previous comment was correct – no one will remember tomorrow except you. Smile and let it go. ????

  9. I don’t think you need to hold to a label if it causes you stress. You’re making a choice for yourself and how you want to eat, not to please anyone else out there. If you decide eating honey (and helping support local ag) is important to you, then that’s what you should do. Then that eliminates the need to take personally any of the criticisms, because by not adopting the label (vegan, etc.), the criticism of that label isn’t about you.

  10. don’t worry – I continue to be amazed by all you do and how you have started this new part of your life with all your effort! I did lacto-ovo vegetarian briefly in the 80s and didn’t stay on very long – and that was with milk, cheese, eggs!! Also reminds me of when I went on South Beach (NOT vegetarian, but healthy anyway) and we were supposed to keep our carbs down, and I was staying away from the breads, pasta, etc., and even fruits as it was week one, and I had a huge bowl of peas and just loved them. I didn’t realize until a few days later that I also was not supposed to be eating peas in the first week because that is a veggie with more sugar in it… lol

    BTW my daughter and her fiance are in the “Electric Run” here in Cleveland tonight. I had never heard of it before but just read about it tonight. As far as I know this is my daughter’s first experience with running….

  11. Kim – you are awesome and inspiring, vegan or not. Your strength and messages of positivity help motivate me. Keep moving forward, for yourself and for your readers! We love you!

  12. I’m with all of the above- forget the label if that causes stress and eat the way that makes you feel good.

    I don’t know what the issue is with honey though- we have our own hive and do everything we can to keep those babies happy (and thus producing). We don’t use a smoker, so maybe I’m missing something there, but bees are needed. https://mobile.twitter.com/NIH_Bear/status/480014676122935297

  13. Remember why you are doing the challenge; to learn. Right? Did you know how to run a marathon when you first started training?

  14. Your long post ended up in my rss feed reader. I follow you on Instagram too and see the images of your great food! Keep it up Kim. You’re doing great and I admire you for doing it, trying it.

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